We now live in a world where memes are used in conversations – they’re like a whole new language. And, they have a sense of power which we can’t really ignore – because things and people gain fame overnight as we pick up a new meme everyday. This reminds us of the ‘100-200 zyada lele’ meme that went viral and took internet by storm. 

Indian Meme Templates

Vipin Sahu, who gained fame after his paragliding video went viral recreated the meme for an advertisement and the internet loves it.


In a new advertisement for Cadbury Perk, the popular ‘land kara de’ guy was seen with Alia Bhatt. And yes, he’s paragliding, yet again. While recreating his signature dialogues, he’s shown terrified of the height, but things take a different turn this time – when Alia Bhatt offers him a Perk that calms him down. He’s probably re-thinking about “mai pagal tha jo isme aaya”.

Vipin shared the behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot on Instagram, along with the video. He captioned it – Who said a meme can’t achieve heights? Who said a meme has a life of just 1 -2 months? And, we couldn’t agree more. 

Of course, people couldn’t keep calm after the viral meme was back again – and how.


Watch the complete advertisement here:

“I saw them in a meme” is a now a thing.