I was perfectly happy being single. The freedom to sleep on a whole bed by myself, to not wait before finishing a show, and to never compromise on what I order – all these, and many more advantages made me so happy about being single, that even my relatives’ barely disguised ‘requests’ to get married didn’t faze me. 

And then I decided to binge-watch Little Things in one go. 

I was late to the party and only discovered this gem after the final season came out. And as much as I loved the show, it’s also suddenly made me aware of things I didn’t even realize I was missing out on. 


Now, I still want to spend Sundays lazing around in bed – but with someone who cooks me an amazing breakfast and doesn’t judge me for ordering pizza, again. 

OTT play

I want to experience the little fights that make a relationship stronger and the big moves that help me grow as an individual, but with the support of a special someone. 

And I definitely want a Momo to my Kulkarni… or rather, to my Magan! 


No, Dhruv and Kavya are not the first couple to make me fall in love with love. From Monica and Chandler to David and Patrick, I’ve always loved fictional couples, and the fictional world in general. 

But while I’ve enjoyed watching their stories, they didn’t feel as relatable as Kavya and Dhruv did. 


Perhaps it’s because of the show’s setting – which is certainly far closer to home than the many sitcoms and romantic dramas I grew up watching.

From the challenges they encounter in their relationship journey, to the conversations they have, and even the supporting characters in the show – everything about Little Things felt familiar. And that is exactly what made the lead characters’ journey and relationship so beautiful. 

Sadly for my single heart that had long ago deleted those dating apps, that also made me envious. Because two fictional people did what my married friends, thousands of relatives, and even Prateek Kuhad couldn’t do – made me fall in love with the idea of love again. 

Write more later, have to set up a dating app profile that makes me look a lot cooler than I am in real life.