We cannot deny that we closely follow the attires and fashion that our favourite celebrities sport. Be it a costume on-screen, or a brand that they wore to an awards show, we all constantly save these looks for some reason or the other. At times, a simple thing becomes a fashion statement just because a celebrity wears it. Case in point: Salman Khan’s bracelet. 

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And that’s how we noticed that a lot of our favourite celebrities, including Shah Rukh Khan, MS Dhoni, Allu Arjun, Aparshakti Khurana, Jacqueline Fernandez and now Sivakarthikeyan have been seen wearing a black Balmain t-shirt. Yes, we love black and the good part is that this fashion is actually comfortable. But did you know this seemingly simple black t-shirt costs as much as as ₹50,000?

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Balmain is a luxury brand based out of Paris that works with high-end shirts, jackets, accessories and more. Apparently, the t-shirts are the new fashion statement in the industry and everyone seems to be wearing them, nay – loving them. 

Given that the brand caters to celebrities and people in fashion – explains the high costs of the black tees. Who knew casual t-shirts could actually cost this much? I mean, I didn’t.

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I’m waiting for Sarojini to get these.