We live in a time when a party is a metaphor for alcohol. But let’s be honest, a crazy party has so many more things than just drinks. What makes socializing fun is the people, vibe, and connections, and not just alcohol. So if you ever wondered what a sober party would be like? Read on. 

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1. “Some of the best adult parties I’ve been to are kids’ parties after the kids fall asleep. If you want to see adults playing like kids and laughing their asses off, rent a giant bouncy slide and one of those carnival games with the spinning ladder.”


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2. “Those trivia app games you can connect to your TV. Karaoke. Good snack, mocktails, and good friends.”


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3. “Do a murder mystery night. Invite as many people as you know, get everyone all dressed in old garb, turn off the lights, murder Gary in the dark, then call the cops.”


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4. “Get a giant roll of blank paper, like the back of wrapping paper, and tape it to the back of the bathroom door. Hang a sharpie marker near it. Everybody who uses the bathroom gets to anonymously write graffiti. Make it themed like it has to be poems, or for a good time call ___, or as a host, don’t say a word and see what happens naturally. When I was in college, we did this and some comments turned out to be f-ing insanely hilarious.”


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5. “I was once told the secret to a good party, is food, a spot for people to hang out and chat and something to do, like an activity.”

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6. “Change the lights. Nothing kills the party vibe like bright overhead lights. Turn down the lights, set up some string lights, get a disco ball, and swap out the bulbs in your lamps with colored bulbs. Just do something so that your living room says “party” and not “living room”.


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7. “Playing games from your childhood costume party, or theme party – bonus if you have to try and fit the character you’re dressed as. so if it was a 1920s theme, you have to talk like nick carraway or something lol FOOD FIGHT (also works with pillows or snowballs) spin the bottle truth or dare (you spin to see who gets TorD’d) twister with prompts on each spot like share an embarrassing story or do a funny dance.”


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8.”Find the crappiest, cheapest horror movie possible. Watch it for about 15 minutes then pause it. List out all the characters you’ve seen and have everyone write down which characters they expect are going to die and in what order. Unpause the movie. The person with the most accurate predictions wins.”

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9.”Crowd control and group participation techniques can do the trick. It is often how musicians interact with fans at concerts, the idea is to establish group mentality, groups behave and are influenced differently than individuals.”


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10.”Root beer floats! Or any kind of float really. Orange cream floats are good too. I’m not sure how extra you wanna be with this but you could make milkshakes, smoothies, or Orange Julius.”


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11. “We always have party games that make it a blast. Things like:

  • Tying donuts to strings hanging from the ceiling and having a race to see who can finish theirs first without using their hands.
  • Pairing up and racing to see who can use toilet paper to mummify their partner the fastest.
  • Putting Oreos on people’s foreheads and racing to see who can get it in their mouth first without using their arms or hands.
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Costume contests
  • who can shake ping pong balls out of a tissue box they’re holding on their ass the fastest
  • Tying balloons to your ankle and trying to be the last person standing as you all try to stomp and pop your opponent’s balloons.”
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12. “I know it sounds corny but board games. People have forgotten how absolutely fun they are. The more physical, the better. Pictionary or charades is a great way to get the night going.”


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13. “Non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks, but make them seem like alcohol, and let their brains trick them into being drunk.”


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14. “A pool. If you have a pool at the party you know people are gonna be dared to jump in fully clothed and people will get pushed in and enjoy the party way more.”


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