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Pathaan, the movie that made us all reach for our kursi ki petis, has proved that mausam ab bigad chuka hain. The film, which is basking in extreme success, has the perfect concoction of actions, emotions and humour.

Pathaan Movie Review

While a round of hoots and whistles can be heard after each minute, throughout the entire movie, the sassiest introduction scene had the entire movie theatre vibrating with a deafening cheer.

Pathaan SRK | Pathaan Movie Review

In the introduction scene, a terrorist was seen hitting the protagonist, Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan), with a stick. The former soon realises that it’s him and asks him, “Pathaan, tu..”, stopping mid-sentence because of the shock.

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Pathaan Movie Review

To this, the protagonist reveals his blood-covered face and says “Zinda hain”, completing the antagonist’s sentence.

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Shahrukh khan's Pathaan Movie Review

The scene gave us literal chills. And well, netizens agree!

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I, personally, have never heard a louder collective cheer than this, ever. The scene, background music and the cheers – everything gave me continuous goosebumps. Well, no one, other than SRK, can turn a movie theatre into a frickin’ stadium!

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