I am not sure whether I need to say this, but a tiny reminder never hurt anyone. A reminder that Ranveer Singh is one of the most popular celebs in Bollywood. He is the man of the hour! 

Why am I saying this right now? Well, If you’ve watched Koffee With Karan S7’s third episode, then Akshay Kumar raving about Singh probably had you thinking the same!


In the last episode of KWK, we saw that Vijay Deverakonda was a major topic of discussion. And this time around, it was Ranveer Singh who took the limelight and proved to be a bit of favorite among his peers. Especially for Akshay Kumar. 


Because when Karan Johar asked him who he’d invite if he hosted a private party, Akshay kumar instantly said, he’d invite Ranveer Singh. Why you ask? 

Well because apparently Singh would be a great co-host and entertainer! And we’ve never partied with Ranveer Singh, but for some reason, this makes a lot of sense! 

Also, it isn’t just Akshay Kumar who ls a teensy bit obsessed with Ranveer Singh, even Samantha Ruth Prabhu admitted to being ‘Ranveerafied’ by the celeb. 

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