There’s no doubt that the concept of spirit calling and ouija boards sound extremely fascinating. I remember how I, along with my cousins, tried calling a spirit during a vacation. We, however, dropped the plan after the lights and candles around us started flickering.

Nevertheless, unlike us, there are people who not only tried it but also had some interesting stories to share. Today, we have compiled several stories from the people who used an ouija board. And, these are scary as shit. Read at your own risk!


1. “I and my other friends were playing around with the board in the dark. After about 15 minutes of goofing around, my friend’s mother calls him up for dinner. He doesn’t go. More shenanigans ensue for maybe 5-10 more minutes. His mother gets heated. We can now hear her stomping across the house above us. She gets to the stairwell and screams “Roger, get your ass up here for dinner right now!” He responds “Okay, give me 2 more minutes.” His mother responds “Don’t just stand there at the foot of the stairs, get up here!” Now, here’s the problem. We are roughly 15-20 feet from the door. There’s no way she sees him. He exclaims “We are sitting at the bar” and the moment the word ‘bar’ leaves his mouth, the door that nobody could close, slams shut. The four of us immediately went from joking around to screaming and panicking, as we couldn’t open the door. Later, his dad jumped in through the basement window well and had to kick the door through to open it. I never went back to his house.”

2. “My sister and I were using an ouija board and she asked where the ghost was. The board spelt out ‘on the chair’. I was sitting in front of the only chair in the room.”

3. “We asked if we could “exit” the game and say goodbye. It wouldn’t move to goodbye. So, we all just took our hands off. The moment we did, TWO pictures hanging on different walls just fell down.”

4. “I played alone. Later, when I was trying to sleep, I felt my hair being tugged on. It lasted all night.”

5. “A big group of us all had our hands on the board. We all felt this electric shock go up to our hands and we all screamed and let go. Nothing else happened but the vibe of the party changed for a bit because everyone felt really disturbed.”

6. “I thought my friend was moving the thing, so I challenged the ghost to show itself outside of the game. I said, “Do something else. Run up and down the stairs or something.” We were in the basement and instantly heard loud, angry stomping on the stairs. There was nothing when we looked. Eventually, we ran upstairs and asked the rest of the family if they had come downstairs. When they said no, we asked if they heard that. They hadn’t.”

7. “The lights went out.”

– ArloAZ

8. “My two friends and I tried an ouija board about 15 years ago in front of a bunch of people. We tried to contact my deceased grandfather. It did not work. The pointer started to move and said it was my one friend’s father (the one girl that was doing the board with us) who was deceased before any of us met her. She let go of the pointer so it was just my friend and I manning the board. To verify, we asked him about his middle name. He correctly told us. We then asked about his birthday. Again, we got the correct month, day and year. We asked what he (the father) wanted to say and he just spelt out the word ‘love’ and then the infinity motion over and over. We called it quits when the girl started crying profusely and she threw the board away. A week later, I saw my grandfather in a dream. He was shaky from the stroke he had before he died as he was in my last memories of him. I just looked at him. He slowly raised his head and we made eye contact. I said, “I tried contacting you”. He stopped shaking, levelled his face, leaned forward and said, “I know, we let the other guy go”. Then I woke up.”

9. “Me and five of my other friends played with an ouija board once. We asked the ghost how old they were when they died, and they said “5”. We then asked how they died, and it spelt “M-O-M”. That was pretty spooky.”

10. “My cousin, her friend and I had been playing around with a board for a few days, and nothing really happened. Then, one day, my cousin was laying on the couch with her phone in her hand. She stretched out and rested the phone on the ouija board, that was on the coffee table. The moment the phone touched it, it started to vibrate, a red light went on and what sounded like tons of people screaming and talking in tongues came from the phone. We were terrified. It lasted a few moments and then the phone shut off. We got so freaked out that we threw the board in the garbage. The phone doesn’t even have a red light.”

11. “I made one when I was in middle school. We set it up in my living room at midnight with only candles. My best friend and I asked if anyone was speaking to us. The answer was yes. I asked how many ghosts were present and the answer was ‘seven’. My cat came up to us at that point. He stopped just beyond where we were sitting. He looked around and slowly weaved his way past us as if stepping around people. Then the planchette quickly dragged our hands to spell out ‘happy to talk’. As soon as that sentence was spelt out, a blinding streak of light, that looked like a shooting star, flashed from one side of my living room to the other. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It lit up my living room with intense silvery light.”

– Lalybi

12. “My mom has a story of how she came home one day when her family lived in a mobile home, and her younger sisters had been playing with one. The house started rocking and she thought they were jumping on the bed, so she went into their room to yell at them and found both of them pinned against opposite sides of the wall with the board in the middle of the room, all the while the trailer shook.”

13. “My cousin and I used to play with an ouija board when we were 11 and 13. Most of the time, it was pretty lame. However, one time, it got spooky. The ‘ghost’ said her name was Nora and she died in a car crash when she was 19. Her boyfriend and mother were also in the car at the time of the crash. She wanted to know what happened to them and if they survived.”

– joskelb

14. “I did it once with some random people at a get-together. We were talking to all sorts of different “spirits” and I wasn’t taking any of it seriously. Then, I thought of a way to put this to the test. I’m Kuwaiti American and was born in Kuwait. So, I know Arabic and knew of a friend of my brother, who passed away recently. So, I asked to speak with him. Now, nobody knew much about me. I was the only one in the group who could speak Arabic. Then, I asked him how he died in Arabic. The board spelt out ‘car crash’. I was a bit shocked but still didn’t buy it completely. So, I asked a more detailed question. I asked him how old was he when he died. It pointed to 1 and then 3. That’s when I started really freaking out. No one would have ever known of these details, let alone understood what I was asking. I asked for more details on the crash and it responded that he flew out of the sunroof. After that, I stopped. I haven’t touched an ouija board since.”

15. “I used one with my two other friends once. We did it on top of a hill that was across the road from an old, tiny graveyard. We did it at night and we used candles instead of flashlights. My friend held the candle, while I and my other friend used the board. We ended up contacting a woman named Dorothy, who died in 1904. After asking a bunch of different questions, we found out that she was a teacher and had died giving childbirth.”
– diacetylmorphine

BRB, ordering an ouija board right away!