To choose one look of a person who is as endlessly charming as Shah Rukh Khan, is tough, but if we had to go for one, we will have to go for this.

No offense to banno ki saheli who is all sorts of adorable, but it’s tough to take eyes off SRK in this song.


The black sherwani, the properly done hair, the smile. 

He led a revolution with this look. He single-handedly led to an entire generation of women hoping for their necklaces to get tangled in some cute guy’s dupatta.


Which is very difficult. First of all, standards have been set and they are very high. Secondly, these types of dance situations happen only in Dharma movies.

Regular people like us get our gajar ka halwa and ignore everyone in our field of vision only to cry about the lack of romance in our lives. It’s tradition, look it up.

Anyway, Shah Rukh! As some people have pointed out, it’s slightly unfair towards the banno, to steal her day like this. 

But also, I am thinking, the bride must have really been into her groom because if SRK came and danced at my wedding looking like that, I’d demand more from my guy.

Like buddy, step up a bit, we have our own jewelry and dupatta that NEED to get tangled – and in front of everyone. I want public attention.


At one point in the song, Kajol says “maangne se kabhi haath milta nahin“, which is presumptuous of her. All Shah Rukh has to do is ask for my hand, literally, I’ll pack my bags at that very moment. 

In fact, SRK looks so good here, I am willing to ignore all loopholes. I will jump through the loopholes.

You know? Yes, of course you can stand 2 inches away from a guy your age at a wedding and your father is okay with that. Hota hoga, in some universe, I don’t care.


I only care about this.


All in all, I don’t see myself getting married but my friends are going to, and I am one hundred percent expecting this at their wedding. I want wholesome unrealistic romance with a wholesome unrealistically handsome person. No pressure.

I’ll leave you with the song and Shah Rukh’s gorgeousness.

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