After waiting and teasing us with prevues and glimpses for so long, Jawan is finally here. The hype for this movie is real as Shah Rukh Khan has managed to stun the audience once again with an avatar that none of us could have imagined. After Pathaan, Jawan is his second film this year and we aren’t complaining because there is no such thing as too much of Shah Rukh Khan.

The multiple visuals surfacing on social media from the first-day premiers of Jawan look nothing short of a festival. Some fans thronged to the theatres as early as 5:35 AM. They carried posters of the film and cheered for King Khan.

Throughout his career which spans over 30 years, Shah Rukh Khan has risen to become a celebrity, an icon, a phenomenon, and a moment. Like many celebs from the South, he has achieved a demi-god status and his die-hard fans leave no stone unturned to show how much their hero means to them.

Even if it means showing up at a jam-packed theatre at 6 AM to watch him on the silver screen.

Or, taking out a rally with garlands on SRK’s posters.

And if you thought, the madness and love for SRK is contained only outside the theatres, then you are really underestimating his prowess. The audience cheers and dances whenever they see him on screen.

Take a look here where the audience is dancing along with SRK when Jawan‘s Zinda Banda starts playing. Shah Rukh Khan has the power to collectively bring the audience together despite their differences to celebrate his movie.

In Gaiety Galaxy, an iconic movie theatre in SoBo that is thronged by celebs and their fans alike, SRK’s fans formed a human pyramid and waved a Jawan flag. I mean, for which Bollywood celeb have we seen a celebration of this massive scale?

If you really want to know what stardom looks like, just take a look at these visuals from the nationwide premier of Jawan. Despite the differences, Indians have really come together for just one thing – a Shah Rukh Khan movie. And that is enough to tell you the power SRK wields on his audience even after almost 100 films.

Even if Shah Rukh Khan releases another film next year or towards the end of this year, fans will show up with the same or even more gusto and celebrate it like a festival. Like they have for almost all of his films to date.

Shah Rukh Khan is, truly, the last of stars and nothing can change our minds about this fact.

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