Some news and information hit differently; and the recent announcement by PVR about the release of Eras Tour Movie is the example this month. To say that Swifties in India will never be the same, does not sound like an exaggeration at this point. But, to quote Taylor Swift, “You Need to Calm Down“. We say that, because there are deets ahead.

The movie will be shown in 8,500 theaters in 100 different countries. Although Taylor Swift’s film is scheduled for a worldwide premiere on October 13, audiences in India can catch it on the big screen starting from November 3. So, it is clearly festival season this November.

Taylor Swift
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Fans are already planning Eras attire and friendship bracelets for this one, and we get the hype. ONLY, you also need tickets. While the tickets aren’t available to the Indian audiences yet, they will soon start selling. One of the ways to get them is to buy them from the official website. The Eras Tour website has also been linked by Taylor Swift on her socials.

BookMyShow has also added a reminder for the film on the website. It shows options for buying in 2D, when the tickets go on sale. To get the best seats, you can always opt for notifications for when the tickets are live. The film is 2 hours, 45 minutes long – not that Swifties are complaining; if anything, they’d like it to be longer.

The Eras Tour Film

According to reports, the film is as promised – a version of the Eras Tour in full. So there will be no breaks for interviews, no behind-the-scenes footage and in a way, no filtration. This is a way for fans to relive the tour without actually being there – given that the footage are from prominent spots and offers an up-close experience. Also, a PG-13 rating has been assigned to the film because of the presence of strong language and suggestive content.

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Reviews also mention that some songs did not make it to the final cut in the film. These include The Archer, Cardigan, Wildest Dreams, and no body, no crime. This has been done to limit the run-time of the film, however we can choose to look at the brighter side, because most songs did make it!

The Eras Tour Concert Film in India

Of course, any seat is an amazing seat for this experience, but we all want the best ones. We also want the earliest experience. So, fasten your reflexes, it’s going to be extraordinary.