If you’re under the pretext that Bollywood celebrities are shielded against the evils of the society then know that patriarchy has spread its root in the realm of glamour as well. 

Is it fair to expect the years of hard work and accomplishments in the pre-marital lives of women to be turned to ashes the moment they decide to marry? 

We have compiled the appalling instances of the times these Bollywood divas have been discounted to being labelled as someone’s wife. Because for women, getting linked to their spouses is the ultimate recognition, right?

1. When a digital news outlet published a report about Deepika locking lips with one of Ranveer’s former co-stars, Siddhant.

This headline makes reference to Ranveer Singh, who has nothing to do with the film or its poster. But a married woman’s actions always have to circle around her husband, right?

2. When Priyanka Chopra schooled a media outlet for referring to her as ‘the wife of’ Nick Jonas in a news piece. 

Although she was promoting the iconic film series The Matrix Resurrections, this global star was referred to as the wife of Nick Jonas as if she doesn’t have any identity otherwise.

3. When City Lights famed Patralekhaa, a well-known face in Bollywood was identified as the girlfriend of Rajkummar Rao.

Nonetheless, Rao with a single tweet, corrected a leading daily’s headline and brilliantly shattered patriarchy to bits.

4. All the times Anushka Sharma was vilified when Virat Kohli messed up in the cricket world. 

The number of similar instances involving Anushka Sharma is nauseating. An actress of calibre being reduced to a bad omen because her husband didn’t do well in ‘his’ profession. Misogyny much?

DNA India

5. When Shilpa Shetty was trolled for the actions of Raj Kundra.

When Bollywood’s super hit actress Shilpa Shetty was the target of trolls when her husband Raj Kundra was arrested for allegedly producing pornographic content. Because how else should a woman be recognised if not as someone’s wife? 

The Indian Express

6. When Katrina Kaif was labelled as Vicky Kaushal’s wife-to-be in a news report ahead of her marriage. 

Taking the discourse a step further, not just Bollywood wives but ‘wives-to-be’ are also caught in this web. Talk about the unfathomable obsession of involving men in everything!

Zee News

It’s terrible, but also thought-provoking because if women as superstars have to deal with this horror of patriarchy then what about the women who are still battling to establish their own identity?