Winter is a great time to snuggle under heavy blankets and watch sappy rom-coms. But honestly, that’s so cliche. Something that can totally up your game is tossing those rom-coms away and switching to Bollywood horror movies.

bollywood horror movies

In case you are wondering which movie to choose from a plethora of horror movies that are available online, you could start with horror movies that are produced by Bollywood. Here are the top 20 scary Bollywood horror films, rated according to IMDb.

1. Tumbbad (2018) – 8.2

Situated against the backdrop of a 20th-century village in Maharashtra, Tumbbad explores the consequences that befall the village when they defy an ancient taboo and build a temple for the firstborn of a goddess. The movie is directed by Rahi Anil Barve.

Tumbbad (2018)
Source: Amazon Prime Video

2. 13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009) – 7.3

The original film was made in Telugu but it was simultaneously filmed in Hindi also, with minor changes to the cast. Starring R Madhavan and Neetu Chandra, this Bollywood horror movie follows the life of a man who experiences supernatural occurrences at his newly purchased apartment. His TV starts telecasting a soap opera that shows the future of his family.

13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009)
Source: Amazon Prime Video

3. Raat (1992) – 7.1

Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, this movie follows the life of the Sharmas who start experiencing strange incidents when they move to a new house. The family seeks help when their daughter, Mini, gets possessed by an evil spirit.

Raat (1992)
Source: MUBI

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4. Raaz (2002) – 6.6

20 years after its release, Raaz is still one of the best horror movies produced in Bollywood. The movie follows a couple who decide to go on a vacation to give their failing marriage one last chance. But they have an uninvited guest who awaits them. The movie stars Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea, and Ashutosh Rana in lead roles.

Raaz (2002)
Source: listal

5. Pari (2018) – 6.6

A good Samaritan helps a woman who is chained in a hut. He lets her stay at his home until things start going south. Anushka Sharma nails this movie with her spooky role.

Pari (2018)
Source: Deccan Chronicle

6. Bulbbul (2020) – 6.5

Situated against the backdrop of a nineteenth-century village in the Bengal Presidency, Bulbbul is a horror movie and also a social commentary. The story revolves around a child bride and a village plagued by mysterious deaths.

Bulbbul (2020)
Source: IMDb

7. Bhoot (2003) – 6.4

Starring Ajay Devgn, Urmila Matondkar, and Nana Patekar, the movie follows the life of a married couple who move into a haunted flat. The couple finds themselves in a vortex of strange experiences that push the wife to the point of madness.

Bhoot (2003)
Source: IMDb

8. 1920 (2008) – 6.4

Staying true to its title, this movie is a period horror film. This Vikram Bhatt movie follows the life of a man who forsakes his family and his religion for his wife. However, his wife is demoniacally possessed.

Adah Sharma in 1920
Source: Indiecine

9. Haunted (2011) – 6.3

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, this movie follows a realtor who finds two spirits in a mansion. The movie combines horror with time travel and we see the realtor sent 75 years back in time.

The Haunted (2011)

10. Darna Mana Hai (2003) – 6.3

Seven friends find themselves in a spot after their car breaks down in the middle of the night. The friends find shelter and share horror stories to kill time. But things take a horrific twist.

Darna Mana Hai (2003)
Source: Bloody Disgusting

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11. Pizza (2014) – 6.2

This movie is a remake of a 2012 Tamil movie that goes by the same name. A pizza delivery boy finds his boring life take a horrifying turn when he is sent to deliver pizza at a place where the family holds plenty of dark and scary secrets.

Pizza (2014)

12. Ek Thi Daayan (2013) – 5.7

Bobo is a gifted magician. But one fine day, he starts getting episodes of hallucinations which don’t seem to stop. Bobo seeks professional help and he learns that he is being haunted by the spirit of a woman.

Ek Thi Daayan (2013)
Source: Rediff

13. Raaz: The Mystery Continues (2009) – 5.7

An artist creates a beautiful painting of a woman. However, he soon realizes that the woman is real and is haunted by a ghost. Directed by Mohit Suri, this movie stars Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut, and Adhyayan Suman in lead roles.

Emraan Hashmi in Raaz
Source: IMDb

14. Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship (2020) – 5.4

Starring Vicky Kaushal, this movie follows the journey of a shipping officer who decides to investigate the mystery of a ship that washes ashore in Mumbai. Some reports state that the movie is based on a true incident of a ship that washed ashore on Juhu Beach.

Vicky Kaushal in Bhoot (2020)
Source: Firstpost

15. Shaapit: The Cursed (2010) – 5.4

A young man has a 350-year-old curse on his family. He wants to marry his girlfriend. In order to do so, he has to reverse that curse. He takes the help of a sorceress and an occult professor on his journey.

Aditya Narayan in Shaapit (2010)

16. Darna Zaroori Hai (2006) – 5.4

This movie is a sequel to Darna Mana Hai. Directed by J.D. Chakravarthi, Manish Gupta, and Sajid Khan, the movie revolves around six children who take shelter in a spooky bungalow. The children find an old woman in the house who tells them six short stories.

Arjun Rampal in Darna Zaroori Hai
Source: Amazon Prime Video

17. Ragini MMS (2011) – 5.1

A couple finds themselves experiencing horrific situations when they decide to unwind at a farmhouse. The movie is inspired by a 2007 American supernatural horror film – Paranormal Activity, and also is partly based on real-life incidents.

Rajkummar Rao in Ragini MMS (2011)
Source: Netflix

18. Krishna Cottage (2004) – 5.1

Situations force a group of college students to take shelter in the mysterious Krishna Cottage for the night. They are unaware that the cottage is haunted. Love and friendships are put to test.

Krishna Cottage (2004)
Source: Netflix

19. Kaal (2005) – 4.7

A wildlife expert, a village chief, and two tourists engage in the survival of the fittest when a supernatural entity rages upon them in a wildlife park. The movie stars Ajay Devgn, Vivek Oberoi, and John Abraham in lead roles.

John Abraham in Kaal (2005)
Source: Amazon Prime Video

20. Raaz 3 (2012) – 4.1

Starring Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta, and Emraan Hashmi, Raaz 3 tells the tale of a rising star whose popularity has the chance of derailing a movie star’s career. The movie star uses black magic against a rising star.

Esha Gupta in Raaz 3
Source: IMDb

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