In order to address the driver when we take a cab, we typically say Bhaiya, right? Well, I’m also guilty of it. Guess what, they don’t want you to do that.

And one of the drivers employed humour to make the reasonable request that people stop calling them bhaiya or uncle. He did something totally badass by writing that notice on the back of his seat to make it crystal clear.

Recently, a Twitter user, Sohini M, posted a sign reading on the back of a seat of an Uber driver that read: “Don’t call me bhaya & uncle.”

The sense of humor of cab drivers is frequently the focus of funny discussions on Twitter, and this one did not fail to amuse fellow users. People on the platform flocked to the thread to make their own suggestions too.

Even Uber India responded to the tweet to try to advise the passenger in some way.

Evidently, there is a lot in the name.