Air India was the first Indian airline originally known as Tata Airlines. The Tata group has taken over Air India again after seven decades with a commitment to make it a world-class airline. The takeover officially took place on 27th January, and a special announcement was made on all Air India flights operating on 28th January. This was one of the changes that happened after the takeover. Here is a list of changes we will see in Air India Flights after the Tata takeover.

Dear Guests, This is your Captain (Name) speaking… Welcome aboard this historic flight, which marks a special event. Today, Air India officially becomes a part of the Tata Group again, after seven decades. We look forward to serving you on this and every Air India flight with renewed commitment and passion. Welcome to the future of Air India! We hope you enjoy the journey. Thank You.

-Special Announcement by Air India

1. You will be the guests, not passengers.

Earlier, people were addressed as passengers on Air India flights. But with the Tata takeover, we will be called the guests of Air India and not passengers. 


2. There will be an increased focus on well-groomed cabin crew.

The cabin crew of Tata’s Air India will be well-groomed. The dress code of the cabin crew will also change, and checks will be conducted by grooming executives at the airports. 

3. Doors of the flights will close 10 minutes before departure.

One of the major issues the new management will be trying to solve is the timeliness of the flights. To enhance the performance and ensure timeliness, the doors of the flights will be closed 10 minutes before departure.

4. A special audio message from Ratan Tata will be played on the flight.

Tata’s Air India flights will play a special message from Ratan Tata, the chairman emeritus of the Tata group. It will be a special audio message that will be played by the cabin crew as per the instructions given to them. 


5. Enhanced meal service.

Tatas have also introduced enhanced meal service in the Air India flights from 28th January. They served a vegetarian meal including sandwiches and juice to all the passengers. They also served non-veg meals on the Mumbai-Newark flight and five Mumbai-Delhi flights.

Non-veg meals weren’t served in the economy class on the Air India flights for the past four years. Tatas are planning to expand the enhanced meal service in a phased manner to more flights. 

Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran also wrote, “We are proud to welcome Air India back into the Tata family, after all these years,” in a message to the employees of Air India.

Hindustan Times

With these new changes to Air India flights, Tatas are trying to make Air India a world-class airline. More changes might also be implemented in the coming days. It would be interesting to see where the Tatas take Air India from here. Maybe we will read a case study on Tata’s Air India in a couple of years. 

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