Mumbai is the most costly metropolitan city to reside in, in India. Those who’ve moved to the city, or have made it there know that the rent and lifestyle expenses are incredibly high. So, it’s clear that you’ve to be financially solid to be able to live in the city, comfortably. Which is why this Reddit thread we’ve stumbled upon seems so relevant. Here, people have shared how much money translates to being rich in Mumbai.

So, take a look at what netizens have said:

1.”If someone can buy a house without giving it a second thought, then I’ll consider that person rich.”

2. “Buying groceries from Nature’s Basket, I guess it makes you rich.”


3. “You’re rich when you have people to buy groceries for you.”


4. “You’re wealthy when you can describe what you want sometimes, but most of the time your chef surprises you. You don’t know where the food comes from. Maybe the chef grows it? Sources it from the Himalayas?”


5. “Bollywood waale ghar ki shaadi mein naach diye toh rich.”


Rich, Mumbai

6. “Main difference between the rich and the upper middle class is that the former live off their assets where as the latter live off their income. Being rich does not mean how much money you have but how you live.”


7. “Having properties in Malabar Hill”


Rich, Mumbai

8. “Half of South Bombay is generational wealth, many argue that they earn 4-5 Lakhs a month, but the property they sit on is worth 10-12 Crores. So, it’s really tough to judge based on net worth. You need to make a few crores every year to be considered rich, excluding whatever assets you or your family owns.


Rich, Mumbai

9.”When your normal unit of money is khoka instead of rupees.”


10. “If you have a flourishing business in Mumbai, you are rich.”


11. “Rich is a person who can buy a decent flat which has all the amenities within Sion to Colaba. Whether it’s 1 BHK or 5, it doesn’t matter, kyunki agar akela Banda ya sirf couple hai toh 3 BHK leke kya karega. Coz no one will spend at least 2 Cr if their bank balance is 3 Cr. People spend 2 Cr when they have investments or a bank balance of 10 Cr and that’s enough to get people working for them, which can be a passive income for them.”


Rich, Mumbai

12. “If we compare, no one’s rich enough, there will always be someone whose perception of rich will always be higher. I think those who can live a lavish lifestyle in Mumbai while being unemployed (having different sources of income) or can sustain even after losses in business, is rich enough to live in Mumbai.”


Well, nothing says “You need a lot more money than you think” than these comments!

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