In yet another fusion of desi and videshi things, we have an Australian woman trying Indian snacks. Bakarwadi, soan papdi, banana chips to Kurkure, she has tried some Indian delicacies and looks like she is loving the tangy flavours. 

In the viral video, the content creator named Tannar is trying different types of Indian snacks for the first time. Her reaction to each of the desi snacks is just too good. 

The video has gone viral with more than 5k views and growing. While she loved soan papdi which many of us dislike. Clearly, soan papdi is getting the love it deserves wohu!

Watch the full video here:

People had an array of reactions to this video, and someone also pointed out how we Indians don’t appreciate soan papdi enough. 

We Indians love it when our desi roots go all over the world, don’t we?

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