When someone talks about Bihari cuisine, the first food that comes to mind is litti chokha. A simple dish that bursts with just the right amount of flavours and spice. Bihari food has become synonymous with this dish. However, this one dish does not do justice to the myriad flavours that make up Bihar’s food.

Recently a Twitter user took to the social media platform and compiled a thread about Bihari cuisine that does not include litti chokha. Mausam Kumar, who hails from Bihar, shared a list of his seven meals that give us a glimpse of the food of Bihar.

Mausam shared a picture of his brunch which included sattu puri and ghugni with dhaniya chutney. Sattu, made from roasted grams, is a staple in Bihar and you will never find a Bihari home that does not have sattu.

Next, he shared a picture of his lunch which included khichdi, chokha, achaar, and papad. Nothing beats chokha and khichdi.

He also shared a picture of aloo paratha with gajar ka halwa and a sweet dish.

The fourth meal included a spinach puri with soybean sabzi. Mausam added how these spinach puris are a Bihari staple.

The fifth meal was lunch with rice and lots of vegetables. Any Bihari lunch is incomplete without aloo bhujiya. The meal also included a bowl of daal with jeera ka tadka.

Next, we move to snacks. This snack is called bagiya. Looks like a gujiya, but far from it. It is made of rice flour and boiled chana daal stuffing.

How can we forget mutton cooked in the traditional Bihari style?

And finally, the quintessential Bihari snack – thekua and gujiya.

The thread summed up the food of Bihar succinctly. Here’s what people had to say about it.

Truly mouth-watering!

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