It was only yesterday that ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he is ending his contract with Manchester United. And now it looks like he is taking a dig at the football club.

Cristiano Ronaldo took to social media to post about his latest watch collection. Quite ironically, the watch features the famous 9 ft headed goal he scored against Manchester United for Real Madrid in the Champions League back in 2013.

The watch is intricately detailed and it retails for £124,000, which amounts approximately to ₹1.20 crores. Take a look at the stunning watch here.

Cristiano Ronaldo watch
Source: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram

This was the famous nine feet header Ronaldo took back in 2013.

Cristiano Ronaldo goal
Source: Twitter

The watch could not have been released at a better time. The collection was released at the same time when his contract with Manchester United came to an end. Fans are convinced that Ronaldo is trolling Manchester United after the split. Here’s what they had to say.

Ronaldo’s exit from the club comes right after an explosive interview in which he slammed the club, the owners, players and the manager, was aired. Fans are now glued to what Cristiano Ronaldo has in store for them at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.