Fashion is like modern abstract art – not everyone gets it – and Balenciaga proves this time and again. The Spanish fashion brand is known for pushing the limits of fashion and utility. This time they have done it once again. Balenciaga’s latest spring/summer collection features a bag that is LITERALLY a packet of Lay’s chips.

Balenciaga’s creative director took to his Instagram and shared pictures of the potato chips bag. He captioned it, “Balenciaga’s next must-have bag, Lay’s-Branded Bag.” The bag appears in blue, red, and yellow. While the bag looks like a packet of chips, it has a single zipper on the top and is made of foldable fabric. The bag made its debut at the Paris Fashion Week where models sashayed with the bag on the runway. Even Lays tweeted the images from the fashion show on their Twitter handle.

The potato chips bag has gone viral on social media. Netizens are questioning the need and utility of this bag. Some even suggested filling it with chips, after all, it is a Balenciaga bag and people would anyway shell out a lot of money to buy it.

Balenciaga Lays Bag
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Potato chips bag from Balenciaga

Fashion and Balenciaga are, truly, an acquired taste.