What’s affordable for one person can be a luxury for another. This holds true for a lot of things, but fashion brands in particular. Recently we found a tweet where a user commented how they thought that the fast fashion brand, H&M, is a luxury brand.

Take a look at the tweet here. The tweet has fetched over 2K likes and more than 113K views.

The tweet started resonating with middle-class Indians because, honestly, even the most basic of clothes at H&M are priced ₹1200 upwards. It is only during their sales that you can find good deals. As H&M is a fast-fashion brand, most of their clothes are made from polyester!

h&m - luxury brand

Fast fashion brands offer clothing that is trendy but also of low quality because these clothes are mass-produced in response to the latest fashion trends. In fact, the fashion industry is one of the biggest consumers of non-renewable resources. 

The tweet started a hilarious debate on the internet and people started sharing their own stories. A lot of people agreed with the tweet and gave their reasons. However, some people completely dismissed the claim. Here’s what people had to say about this claim.

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