“April Fools’ Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge in some lighthearted mischief and playfully prank your significant other. With a touch of creativity and a dash of humor, you can turn the first day of April into a memorable occasion filled with laughter and surprise.

We’ve compiled a list of 20+ April Fools Joke on Girlfriend guaranteed to delight your girlfriend. From classic gags to clever tricks, these pranks are sure to keep the laughter rolling and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

1. Fake propose to them

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
the squiz

Set the stage with a romantic ambiance, then drop to one knee, presenting a ring box with a mischievous smile. Her eyes will be filled with anticipation as she opens the box, only to reveal a comically tiny toy ring. Soon she will realize that she has been pranked and it was just a playful jest. This is one of the best april fools joke on girlfriend.

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2. Tell them you’ve been talking to your ex

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
with my ex again

Tell your girlfriend that you need to talk about something important to her. With a convincing tone, describe fictional conversations, playing up imaginary tensions and misunderstandings. Her initial shock will turn into confusion, then relief, when you will reveal the prank, bursting into laughter together.

3. Start the day off strong with a dummy wake-up call

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Set an early alarm on your girlfriend’s phone or alarm clock. Record exaggerated morning noises like clanging pots, loud sirens, or animal sounds. Transfer the recording onto a device that can play loudly, such as a Bluetooth speaker. Place the speaker strategically in your friend’s room, preferably out of sight but still audible. When the alarm goes off, the recorded noises will startle your girlfriend awake. This is one of the best april fool pranks on girlfriend.

4. Silly Voice Changer

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
the range

Use a voice-changing app or toy to speak to her in a funny or exaggerated voice. When your girlfriend isn’t paying attention, activate the voice changer and strike up a conversation with them using a comically-altered voice. Watch as confusion sets in, and enjoy their puzzled reactions as they try to figure out who’s speaking.

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5. Invisible Ink Message

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Leave her a note written in invisible ink and watch her confusion until she discovers the message with a UV light. Craft a mysterious or intriguing message, leaving your friend curious about its contents. Leave the note in a noticeable but unexpected location, such as on their desk or stuck to the fridge. Watch as they discover the hidden message, their confusion turning into excitement as they use a UV light to reveal the invisible ink.

6. Unexpected Balloon Drop

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Secretly inflate a large number of balloons while your friend is out of the house or otherwise occupied. Choose a room where you have to decorate. Once the balloons are ready, suspend them from the ceiling using string or tape, making sure they’re hidden from view. When your friend enters the room, trigger the release mechanism to drop the balloons all at once, creating a colorful and surprising cascade.

7. Photo Swap

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Replace the existing photos in your friend’s frames with humorous or unexpected images. Choose pictures that will elicit a reaction, such as silly memes, funny animal photos, or comical caricatures. Make sure to maintain the original frame arrangement to avoid suspicion. Once the swap is complete, sit back and wait for your friend to notice the changed photos.

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8. Fake Food Spill

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Gather materials that resemble common food items, such as oatmeal, mashed potatoes, or yogurt. Choose a moment when your friend is distracted or out of the room. Carefully arrange the fake food spill on a surface like a table or countertop, making it look as realistic as possible. When your friend returns, watch their reaction as they see the mess.

9. Switching TV Remote Batteries

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Wait for a moment when your friend is preoccupied or not in the room. Then, swap the batteries in the TV remote with ones that are nearly depleted or completely dead. Ensure that the remote still appears to be functioning normally. When your friend tries to use the remote later, they’ll be puzzled as to why it’s not working correctly.

10. Reverse Prank Call

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Have a friend call her pretending to be a celebrity or someone she admires, then reveal the prank after a funny conversation. During the call, make sure the conversation is light-hearted and entertaining, with humorous or unexpected dialogue. After a few minutes, reveal the prank by joining the call or having your accomplice admit to the ruse.

11. Faux Hair Dye

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Put temporary hair dye or colored hairspray on her hairbrush, so that when she brushes her hair, it appears to change color momentarily. Be sure to choose a color that contrasts with her natural hair color for maximum effect. Enjoy her reaction when she discovers the colorful prank. Ensure that it is easily washed out and does not harm her hair.

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12. Remote-Controlled Pranks

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Acquire a small, remote-controlled toy or device. When your girlfriend least expects it, activate the toy discreetly and maneuver it towards them. Choose something unexpected, like a toy spider or a miniature car. Watch their reaction as they notice the unexpected object approaching them.

13. Rubber Band on Faucet Sprayer

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

To prank your girlfriend with a rubber band on the faucet sprayer, discreetly place a rubber band around the handle of the sink’s sprayer nozzle. Position it so that when the faucet is turned on, the sprayer remains engaged, causing water to spray everywhere. Ensure your target is unsuspecting, then watch as they turn on the faucet and get an unexpected splash.

14. Unexpected Musical Alarm

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
startle music

Set her alarm clock to play a silly or embarrassing song at full volume when it goes off. When the alarm sounds in the morning, your friend will be startled awake by the unexpected tune. Capture their reaction as they try to turn off the alarm amidst the surprise. This is one of the best April fool jokes for girlfriend.

15. Fortune Cookie Fun

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
bored panda

Acquire some fortune cookies from a local Chinese restaurant or grocery store. Open each cookie carefully, removing the original fortune message inside. Replace it with a custom-made fortune containing a humorous or absurd message that will make your friend laugh. Some examples could be “Beware of falling coconuts” or “You will soon discover your secret talent for synchronized swimming.”

16. Post-it Note Madness

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
tech explore

Gather a large number of colorful Post-it notes. While your girlfriend is away or occupied, cover their workspace, such as their desk, computer monitor, or even their entire room, with post-it notes. You can arrange them in patterns, write silly messages, or create funny drawings on the notes to add to the amusement.

17. Place toast in her shower

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend
raisin toast

Discreetly place a piece of toast on a shower shelf or soap dish when your girlfriend isn’t around. Ensure it’s positioned where it won’t get too wet or cause inconvenience. When she enters the shower, she’ll be surprised to find toast where it doesn’t belong. Capture her reaction as she discovers the unexpected item amidst her routine.

18. Put the mayonnaise in her toothpaste

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Carefully unscrew the cap of her toothpaste tube, ensuring it’s not visibly tampered with. Use a small spatula or spoon to remove the toothpaste from the tube, replacing it with an equivalent amount of mayonnaise. Smooth the surface to conceal any traces of tampering. When she goes to brush her teeth, she’ll be met with an unexpected, creamy surprise.

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19. Send her a prank text message

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

This is one of the best april fools pranks for girlfriend over text. Send a message, ‘Hey love, just wanted to let you know I accidentally spilled a bottle of invisible ink in the house. Can you see it yet?’. This message suggests an unexpected situation while maintaining a playful tone. It’s likely to pique her curiosity and spark a humorous exchange when she realizes the prank.

20. Give her a glitter bomb

April Fools Joke on Girlfriend

Discreetly package glitter inside an envelope or small container. Include a note encouraging her to open it with excitement. When she opens the package, the glitter will explode out, covering her in sparkling chaos. Ensure the glitter is non-toxic and easy to clean.

These April Fools Joke on Girlfriend will brighten your day.

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