Advertisements are the best way for any brand to capture their consumer’s attention. Television commercials do it in the best possible way with the most engaging storylines. How can we forget the iconic Fevicol ads? However, things get even more interesting when a brand used just one single creative poster to advertise its brand name and products.

A poster ad or a print ad is tricky to execute because the brand has to convey a lot through a few words. But when executed perfectly, you cannot help but marvel at the genius. We compiled a list of 17 such brilliantly executed creative ads that will blow your mind. Some of these will make you chuckle, some will make you ponder, but overall they will manage to make you take note of their sheer brilliance. Read on below to take a look at them.

1. Lego

lego ad
Twitter / @george__mack

2. The Economist

the economist ad
Twitter / @george__mack

3. Timex

timex print ad
Twitter / @george__mack

4. Durex

durex ad

5. Rajasthan Tourism


6. Tide

print ad

7. Pepsi

creative ad
Thought Media

8. WWF

creative ads
Bored Panda

9. Pedigree

print ads
Bored Panda

10. Band-Aid

poster ad

11. The Hindu

poster ads
Scroll Droll

12. Volkswagen

volkswagen ad
Scroll Droll

13. Parker Pens

pen ads
Scroll Droll

14. Air India

airline ad

Tell us what you think of these creative ads.

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