There’s nothing more convenient than dinner or house parties, right? There’s no stress about driving, getting late for the reserved time and spending big bucks on food and drinks. 

However, a guest was left in shock when they were asked to cover the cost of ingredients for each person by the host, despite being invited to the get-together.

A Man Throws Grand Dinner Party For Friends
Credits: Netflix

The person, who took a bottle of wine with them, wrote about the bizarre incident on their social media account.

“We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Took a bottle of good wine with us, we wouldn’t ever go empty-handed. had a good meal, but they sent us a message after asking for money for each person! I thought this was crazy and I would never ask anyone to pay for their food if I invited them over! AIBU to be a bit annoyed? We’ve already arranged to have them to ours in a few weeks time and I’m not asking them for anything!”

A Man Throws Grand Dinner Party For Friends
Credits: Netflix

While several people in the comments agreed that it’s the host’s fault for not letting them know about the dutching beforehand, others had some ‘genius’ revenge ideas. Take a look:

Outrageous behavior and incredibly rude.”

“That’s incredibly rude. If they couldn’t afford to host then they should have asked everyone over and to bring a plate of food. Or say come over and we will get a takeaway but would everyone mind paying for their own share? But to ask for money afterward is just crazy.”

“Send them a message back saying absolutely not. If you want to charge then you should say costs upfront so you can make an informed choice. Don’t do the polite thing and pay up. This is how the fuckers get away with it.”

“I would pay but then cancel the invitation.”

“Just message back and say the wine cost x so I will take that off and don’t bother coming to ours as you are not the type of people we wish to be friends with.”

“But if it were me tbh I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore. I’d either pay up and ask them to deduct the price of the wine bottle or I wouldn’t pay at all.”

You can read the entire thread here.

A Man Throws Grand Dinner Party For Friends
Credits: Netflix

Well, we all know someone who would totally do this!

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