Twitter, our households, random people in markets, everyone is talking, nay, ranting about the same thing. Tomatoes. Our parents were right when they said that we realize the importance of certain things when they are far-fetched, because hardly any of us cared about tomatoes before this. But now that the prices are soaring above ₹150, it’s as if tomatoes are the national issue.

Tomato prices
Hindustan Times

In fact, they are, given the number of incidents related to them. Reportedly, ‘tomato theft’ is now a thing and people are almost worried. Recently, tomatoes worth nearly ₹3 Lakhs were stolen from a farm in Karnataka. This happened overnight in the Hassan district. Dharani, the farmer mentioned, that almost 60 kilograms of tomatoes which were in the bags at the farm were stolen by unknown people.

Karnataka farmer
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Another incident was reported where tomatoes were stolen from a shop in Telangana’s Mahabubabad district. It was reported that 20 kg of tomato, a box of green chillies and other vegetables weighing about 35 kg were picked from the shop. This spillover effect is concerning and it has definitely left shopkeepers and farmers more cautious.

Tomato theft

So, a number of shopkeepers are installing CCTV cameras to deal with the tomato theft. Recently, a trader and a farmer put cameras to protect their stock. A shopkeeper from Haveri city in Karnataka put a camera in the box where he kept tomatoes, and it was quite the move.

CCTV Cameras In Shops
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Gotta protect the tomatoes.