When Ramesh Singh, a cloth merchant from Punjab, bought a jet-black Marwari horse for 23 lakhs, he did not know he was in for an unpleasant surprise

Ramesh got the black horse from a trader but on giving it a wash, realised that the animal was actually brown in colour and that it’s actually a desi stallion. 

Ramesh had thought that he will further sell the horse and hoped to get a profit of 5 lakhs, but that dream remains shattered for now.

He quickly registered an FIR with the police and it was revealed that the ‘trader’, along with two other accomplices had deceived 7 other people in a similar manner. 

They used to tell people that the horse they were buying was of high value but sold them a breed that can be commonly found in India.  

Meanwhile, here’s how people have been reacting to the news on social media. 

As pointed out by some, the man’s loss aside, this was also bad for the animal and that must not go unnoticed.