From numerous threads to in-flight stories, there’s no dearth of heart-warming things on social media. Now, a video of a Korean woman teaching her kid the national anthem of our country is going viral.

Korean mom teaching indian national anthem

Kim, who is married to Prem, an Indian, was seen teaching her son Jana Gana Mana in a video clip. She is teaching her son, Adi, both of their cultures.

Her social media page, which goes by the username @premkimforever, shared the video in which she was seen reciting the anthem and her son repeated each word after her.

Korean mom

The reel has garnered over 826K views and 180K likes. Needless to mention, netizens were whole-heartedly proud and happy with her sweet gesture.

Korean mom teaches son

You can watch the video here:

Just look at that adorable ‘jai hind‘ in the end!

We just can’t stop praising this mother.