Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh has been one of the most prominent centers for anti-CAA protests across the nation, with women leading the protest against the contentious act. 


And now, different artists are coming together to join the people of Shaheen Bagh for a ‘celebration of the resistance’ on Sunday, January 19. The artists include Ankur Tewari, Hussain Haidry, Saba Azad, Aamir Aziz, and Sabika Abbas Naqvi. 

All these artists have, in the past, also lent their voice to anti-CAA protests held across various parts in the country. Both Ankur Tewari and Aamir Aziz have even penned poems in support of the anti-CAA protests. 

Shaheen Bagh has become a symbol of the anti-CAA resistance across the nation, with anti-CAA supporters commending the protestor’s courage. Because, despite harsh winter winds, hailstorms, rains, and biting cold, the protestors have continued to peacefully demonstrate their point. 

The Wire

In fact, recently, people of different faiths even came together at Shaheen Bagh to participate in a multi-faith prayer ceremony. 

Shaheen Bagh, with its unwavering resilience–even in the face of government’s unmistakable apathy–has truly proved to be the face of India’s spirit of resistance.