You may have come across many instances from Bihar that speak volumes of how the education system of the state is like. From a student fanning her teacher while she sleeps in the classroom, to a circular issued by Patna University having several grammatical errors, such instances keep surprising us every now and then.


Speaking of which, a video from Bihar’s Gaya district caught my attention on Twitter this morning. And it is going viral on the micro-blogging platform. 

The clip posted by @UtkarshSingh_ shows a coaching centre organising a cinema-like experience for the students. In the video, a Bhojpuri item number is being played on television as the crowd cheers for the song. Some of them are recording the moment in their mobile phones. A man, probably the teacher, is standing beside television as he enjoys the item number along with the students. The name of the coaching centre also grabbed my eyeballs. It’s called, Vikas Coaching Centre. What an irony!

“Gaya ke coaching centre mein mil raha gyaan dekhiye”, the tweet reads.

Netizens are divided after watching this video.

Some Twitter users called out the coaching centre.

A few of them were like ismein galat kya hai?

What do you think of this video? Is the clip appalling for you or is it like what’s wrong in having some fun? Meanwhile, we wonder kya sahi naam rakha hai coaching centre ka! Irony at its peak. ‘Cuz ye dekhne ke baad Vikas toh sharm se mar jayega!