Indians living abroad often carry their favourite snacks from India in order to have a slice of home readily available to them in their respective countries. These can range from spices to snacks, and even homemade pickles. Ex-Google MD is no stranger to this tradition.

Recently the former Google and Twitter Managing Director, Parminder Singh, took to Twitter and shared a picture of that one snack he always carries back from his flights to India. And the snack is none other than the good ol’ sooji rusk – a perfect chai companion.

He revealed that because he has been carrying rusk so frequently to Singapore, the authorities at the Changi Airport no longer confuse them for gold bars or Jenga blocks.

“The most precious thing to take back from India is Sooji rusks! We do it so often and in such humongous quantities that even the folks at Changi Airport don’t confuse it with Jenga blocks or gold bars anymore!” tweeted the ex-Google MD.

One user asked how he ensures that the rusks are not crushed. His hack? Packing them with clothes!

A lot of people found this relatable. Some even shared the places where you can find the best sooji rusk in India. Here’s what people had to say.

Truly a desi thing to do!