No matter what the time or distance is, food delivery executives ensure that we get the ordered food at our doorsteps. Come rain or scorching heat, they do not or cannot make excuses to not go for work.

They have proved to be real saviours during the pandemic too. But the society doesn’t treat them fairly. Time and again, we hear of instances when food delivery executives were either discriminated against or beaten up and harrassed by customers and other people.

1. A Hindu man in Hyderabad allegedly refused to accept food from a delivery boy because he was a Muslim.

The customer ordered a portion of Chicken 65 from the Grand Bawarchi restaurant via Swiggy and made an online payment. He wrote special instructions that the delivery should be done by a Hindu.

But the food delivery app assigns delivery executives automatically and when Mudassir Suleman contacted the customer, he refused to accept the delivery.

2. A mall in Udaipur put up a notice for food delivery executives to not use the lift.

The poster went viral on social media and people called out residential societies and other buildings asking delivery executives to use stairs.

3. Another Zomato customer cancelled his order because a Muslim delivery executive was assigned the delivery.

He took to Twitter to share a screenshot of his chat with the customer support asking them to change the delivery person as he couldn’t accept food from a Muslim guy in the holy month of Shravan.

Zomato refused to accept his request saying food has no religion and told him that refund was not possible.

4. A woman in Bengaluru allegedly harrassed a food delivery executive because the delivery was late and she did not want to pay for the food.

The woman, Chandrani, was later booked by the Bengaluru police when the delivery boy narrated his side of the story.

Tribune India

5. Authorities at Providence Mall, Puducherry misbehaved with a food delivery executive because he parked his bike in the parking.

6. Varadarajan, a food delivery executive in Chennai told The Hindu how he was looked down upon as an univited guest at restaurants.

In restaurants, we are looked down upon as uninvited guests. There are people who won’t even share an elevator with us. In case of an accident, the delivery person is always held at fault
The Hindu

7. A delivery boy was allegedly beaten up by a mob of at least 10 persons when he was returning after delivering a parcel in Vadodara.

ED Times

8. Another delivery person was beaten up by 4 youngsters in Bengaluru who also demanded free food from him.

The boys were apparently trying to cancel their order. They assaulted the delivery person and even stole cash from him.

9. Some miscreants allegedly snatched the food packet from a food delivery executive in Noida while he was on his way to complete the delivery.

The boys even beat him up and he had to cancel the order. Later, the food delivery platform also apologised to the user.

10. Two mobile police jawans allegedly thrashed a food delivery executive in a Jharkhand town because he overtook their bike.

He went to the police station to lodge a complaint against the cops.

They have made our lives so much easier and continue to do that every day. Is this how they deserve to be treated?