While most millennials are dreaming about their lives before the pandemic, senior citizens across the globe who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus are working day and night to somehow help those in need. 

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These instances of senior citizens extending their support during the pandemic will melt your heart: 

1. 85-year-old K. Kamalathal in Tamil Nadu continues to sell idlis for Rs.1 to ensure that the migrants are fed. 

Kamalathal has been selling idlis at affordable prices for the past 30 years. And even though she’s incurring losses during these tough times, Coronavirus is not going to stop her from feeding the stranded labourers. 

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2. 95-year-old MDH uncle donated 7,500 PPE kits to the Delhi Government.

While generously making a contribution to CM’s relief fund, 95-year-old Mahashay Dharampal Gulati also managed to donate 7,500 PPE kits in the time of crisis.


3. This 99-year-old woman prepares food packets for migrants stranded in Mumbai. 

In a video that has gone viral, this 99-year-old woman is captured making rolls of chapati and sabzi and wrapping them in aluminum foils to feed migrants who are stranded in Mumbai. 


4. 99-year-old Captain Sir Tom Moore raised money for Britain’s health-care system by walking his garden.

Now 100-years-old, World-War II veteran, Captain Tom Moore raised around  £28 million to aid Britain’s NHS charities and the frontline workers. He started his campaign by taking laps of his garden and soon gained followers and raised a lot of money. Captain Tom Moore was also recently knighted by the queen for his efforts. 


5. 72-year-old Italian priest Don Giuseppe Berardelli, infected with Coronavirus gave up his ventilator to save others.

This priest in Italy put other people’s lives ahead of his own. He was suffering from Coronavirus when he gave up his ventilator so that a younger patient could use it instead. 


6. 95-year-old Pi Nghakliani donated her one month’s pension to the CM’s fund and has been stitching masks for the poor.

A mother of 7 and grandmother of 20, this granny in Mizoram is making sure that people around her are protected with face masks. She is keeping her late ex-MLA husband’s legacy alive by serving mankind. Along with donating Rs.14,500 the CM’s relief fund, she’s also distributing masks to people who can’t afford it.  


7. 90-year-old Suzanne Hoylaerts selflessly refused to use a ventilator and asked her doctors to keep the device for younger patients instead. 

This senior citizen from Belgium lost her life to coronavirus after she refused to be on ventilators. She told her doctors that she has had a good life and doesn’t want to be on artificial respiratory support when there’s a shortage of devices. 


8. Around 38,000 retired doctors including personnels from the government and army have volunteered to join frontline warriors. 

Kissing their retired life goodbye, without thinking twice these selfless doctors volunteered to be back on their toes and on the frontline to treat infected patients while sharing the load with frontline warriors. 


9. 81-year-old Khaira Babaji serves langar to migrants and strays amidst the lockdown.

In the middle of a highway in Yvatmal Maharastra, Khaira Babaji runs a langar service for passers-by in a tiny shed. According to reports, he has managed to feed over 15 lakh people in the past 10 weeks. He also feeds around 250 strays around his vicinity everyday.  

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Along with their enthusiasm to aid those in need and through their heartwarming gestures, these senior citizens prove that age is just a number. If they can do it, so can we.