Our battle against coronavirus is far from over but, slowly and steadily we all have to start adjusting to the ‘new normal’ with proper precautionary measures in place. 

So, as we try to resume our normal lives, here’s a glimpse of what living in the middle of an ongoing pandemic looks like. 

1. Going out for work or for grocery shopping? Wearing a mask is a must for everyone. There are no exceptions. 

2. Shops and open markets have to follow social distancing rules and the same goes for the customers. 

3. As work resumes in some private and government offices, employees have been asked to cover their face and ensure physical distancing. 

4. As the film industry tries to get back on its feet, crew members have to pass through disinfectant tunnels, wear face masks, shields and have their temperature checked by medical professionals in PPE suits.

5. Even hair dressers in salons have to wear PPE suits, gloves and face shields before attending to customers. 

6. While domestic flight operations have resumed in India, this is what airports look like as we start adjusting to the ‘new normal.’ 

7. In a bid to avoid spread of COVID-19, Chennai metro station has installed a foot-operated lift. The CMRL has become the first metro rail in the country to do so.

8. Train passengers also have to undergo thermal screening and maintain social distancing norms, before boarding trains. 

10. Now, washing hands and using a hand sanitizer at regular intervals is the new motto in every household. 

The ‘new normal’ is here to stay so start getting use to it.