Men talking about women’s bodies on the internet is my favourite genre of posts, because there’s always a mistaken audacity to them. But the fact that it’s mostly nonsensical, makes it deeply ignorant. This time, it’s a man with issues related to how his wife’s body changed after pregnancy. To bear a child or not, is a personal choice. And certainly, there’s no correctness to it. But, it definitely doesn’t come easy – and this is only from an external point of view.

So, people who have not been there, can only imagine what it’s like to birth a child and raise them. But, apparently, a man shared his experience of his wife’s pregnancy, and the screenshots are circulating on Twitter. No, wait, it gets worse. He mentioned that her body had changed during and after the pregnancy – a big belly, acne, and the fact that her “vagina was ruined” were all the things that bothered him.

Source: Twitter

He went on to write that she had always been insecure about her body, so she was scared about getting pregnant. It was he, who encouraged her, mentioning that it’d all get back to “normal”. So, we have a man who ‘convinced’ his wife into getting pregnant, and then literally complained about how she looked. I mean, try bearing a child!

“I feel disgust and revulsion when I see her body, and I can never tell her that, because she’s always been insecure.”

Source: Twitter

He also had the guts to write that he isn’t attracted to her anymore, and it’s not ‘new-parent stress’, because he has been tempted by one of his co-workers. Makes you want to scream, right? Oh, and he also mentions that he loves his wife, and she’s caring and selfless. But, of course, he’s disgusted by her body and doesn’t like being intimate with her. Poor thing, the man.

“She seems almost proud of her figure now, because she’s already lost all the weight. I feel weirdly resentful about that. It bothers me that she might think she looks good, because she doesn’t.”

Just, ugh!