Entitlement does strange things to the brain, often it makes it foggy with the delusion that everything should happen according to one’s desire. And when that doesn’t happen, entitled people react in the strangest, even dangerous ways. Here are some examples of the same from the recent past.

1. When a girl in Lucknow hit a cab driver repeatedly in the middle of the road for allegedly bumping the car into her. She also broke his phone while he kept standing, asking what his fault was.

2. When an influencer named Hitesha Chandrani alleged that a Zomato delivery man hit her, leaving her face covered in blood. But later, the delivery man, Kamaraj revealed that she was the one who started hitting him with a slipper. He added that he was trying to protect himself and it was in that tussle that she hit her nose with her ring.

3. When politician Sharad Pawar had his car, along with those of people accompanying him, parked on a race track in Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. This led to a debate on the VIP culture that harms sports in the country, among other things.

4. When a woman was so certain that her house help’s demand for a raise was unfair that she not only got angry about it but also wrote a full-fledged Facebook post stating how the house help could hurt her. She got a lot of flak for it on the internet, which was well deserved.

5. When a social media influencer Santoshi Shetty decided to offer mental health advice ₹1,500. Mind you, she had no training and was doing this to “help people”. She got called out for the same, and she deleted her post later.

6. When tehsildar Dr. Laxmi Prasad Sahu forced two villagers to do situps for not wearing masks after they said they could not pay a fine of ₹500. These people did not have any money this behaviour was despicable, to say the least. An inquiry was into the matter was ordered later.

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7. When an Odisha MLA made his junior officers do sit-ups for the poor condition of roads. While people should be held accountable for their lack of management, this action from the MLA was out of line.