Buying a saree is a tedious task because you cannot see how it will look on you finally with the drapes. However, some kind salespeople walk the extra mile and either drape the saree on you or drape it on themselves within seconds to show you the final result in the store so that you buy the perfect ensemble.

A viral video on Twitter shows a salesperson doing exactly that. The ease with which he draped the saree, the precision, and the neatness of the drapes will definitely convince you to buy a saree from him. Mind you, getting the pleats crisp and neat is the difficult part of draping a saree. In the video, the salesperson drapes a gorgeous black sequined saree with such ease that it has left the internet in awe. Take a look at the video below.

The tweet mentioned that the video is from a store in Gurjanwala, Pakistan. The video has fetched over 1K likes, more than 100 retweets, and over 48K views. Some praised his sales skill of convincing the customer and displaying the product beautifully.

Here’s what Twitterati had to say about this salesperson’s impressive skill.

Give this man a raise already!