Eight months have passed since 2022 began, yet it only feels like yesterday when we were getting over our New Year’s hangover. 

Time flies, and with time comes events. Events that become sensational that people just can’t seem to get over them. And looking back at 2022, we’ve had quite a few moments that have kept us on the edge of our seats. Here’s a look at those viral moments, conversations, and events that kept desis excited this year. 

1. The Shark Tank Fever

When 2022 knocked on our doors, we were already high with Shark Tank fever. Be it normalizing start-up conversations in our houses or flooding the Internet with thousands of Ashneer Grover memes, Shark Tank India had desis plugged throughout the season. People were so deeply engrossed in the show that they kept discussing the contestants, analysing the season, coming up with start-up ideas, and even laughing off at the unique antics of the judges in the show.   

2. The Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor Wedding

We were all gushing over the adorable photos of the couple as their wedding pictures broke the internet. The happiness and positivity seemed to ooze out of those happy photographs. Be it Alia Bhatt’s look recreations, or bazillion memes that go viral every time a celebrity couple gets married, or even Ranbir Kapoor’s epic move to pick up his bride after greeting the media outside their house, their wedding was one hell of a talk for a really long time. 

And of course! Post wedding came the announcement of their upcoming baby, and we all couldn’t help but be in awe of the couple. 

3. Ranveer Singh’s Bum

Ever since Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot broke the internet, people haven’t been able to move on. While so many people were applauding the fearless shoot, there were some sections who had nothing better to do in life, so they began a cloth donation drive for the actor. Then came the advocate who registered a complaint against the actor, which was so hilarious that even the journalist couldn’t help herself from laughing out loud. And finally, Yashraj Mukhate made a spoof out of the entire discourse. People were so obsessed with the pictures that they couldn’t stop talking about them. 

By the way, the conversation is still ongoing with Ranveer Singh having to visit the police station because of the photoshoot. 

4. The Kesariya Fever

To be honest, they hyped the song way too much that people had to disproportionately analyze it after the release. They dropped a small glimpse from the most beautiful portion of the song and had us wait for months before releasing it. And once it broke the internet, people could not help but fuss about “kitnon ki lovestoriyaan.” Literally, they could have used another word, any other word (but the song is beautiful nonetheless). 

5. Sushmita Sen-Lalit Modi relationship

Ever since Lalit Modi revealed his relationship with former Ms. Universe Sushmita Sen and uploaded their pictures, there have been a lot of conversations, most of them being unpleasant. People have been calling the actress a ‘gold digger’ and judging her for her personal choices (who TF even are you?). Like the queen Sush is, she gave it back to the trollers with grace, but people can’t seem to stop making unsolicited commentaries and remarks that no one needs to hear.

6. The Unending Wait For Brahmastra Release

The buzz around Brahmastra began in 2019. Three years later, we’re still waiting for the first part of the trilogy to hit the theatres. Ever since the trailer dropped, the movie has been excessively marketed for its songs, stories, and visual effects, and even for being the first of its kind in Bollywood. The buzz for Brahmastra is about to culminate as we’re approaching the release date with supremely high expectations. Until then, I’m pretty confident that people can’t and won’t stop talking about Bollywood’s Astraverse. 

7. India versus Pakistan Cricket Match at the Asia Cup

India versus Pakistan cricket match is always a “mauka” for the cricket lovers to unite and bleed blue for Team India. Keeping up with the traditions, the recent INDIA vs PAK match at the Asia Cup was nothing less than a majestic thriller that ended with glory for our team. The excitement before, during, and even after remained the same throughout. Millions of Indians tuned it to support the Indian cricket team.

8. Game Of Thrones Prequel Series

After completing the eighth season of Game Of Thrones, all GOT fans (including me) were like, “we don’t know what to do with our life anymore,” when the news of a GOT prequel began doing the rounds of the media. Four years down the line, the first season of House Of Dragons is now streaming online, and we couldn’t be happier. Although the end of GOT was a big disappointment, we remember how uncontainably exciting the entire series was, so we can’t help but watch the prequel with similar anticipations.

9. Noida Twin Tower Demolition

There is hardly anybody I know who did not turn up to watch the live telecast of the Noida Twin Tower demolition, which was exceedingly hyped with the live countdown and buzz much before the destruction. The story did not end there because Desis flooded the Internet with hilarious memes post the demolition, even when the much anticipated India versus Pakistan Asia Cup match was scheduled for the same day. 

10. The Sima Taparia Return

The matchmaking Sima Aunty returned to our screens with a new season of Indian matchmaking that we all love to hate-watch. The show has been creating buzz ever since Netflix dropped the teaser for Season 2 of the docuseries. The conservative nature of some of the arranged marriage settings and controversial opinions of Sima Aunty did not fail to disappoint us this season as well. Yet, most of us watched the show anyway because it’s just so addictive.

It’s crazy how things amp up and become conversations for days, weeks, and sometimes months at stretch. Then another moment comes and goes viral while the preceding one becomes a fleeting memory. 

What I mean to say is that the next viral moment might just be underway somewhere around you, and you’ll see me writing about it days from now. You never know!