The pandemic has changed the way we live, work, sleep, and also how people get married. Ever heard of a digital wedding?

Yup, this couple from West Bengal ditched the idea of a traditional wedding and are all set to marry virtually. But what’s fascinating to know is how they planned it. 

Meet Sandipan Sarkar and Aditi Das, who will get married on January 24, on Google meet. What’s more? They have made sure the guest doesn’t miss out on the food and made arrangements via Zomato.

The Burdwan couple will host their wedding with 450 guests without flouting any Covid guidelines. The idea of hosting a virtual wedding came when Sandipan (the groom) was hospitalised due to Covid-19 complications. 

They had to rethink the idea of a traditional wedding to a virtual one. 

Sandipan suggested this, and we thought people would laugh but decided that we should be the first to set the trend. Our families were informed, who initially wondered why we should do this. But we are happy that we are able to do this during the pandemic to be able to celebrate with everyone.
Aditi Das

As per reports, only 100 to 120 guests will attend the wedding physically, while more than 300 people will join virtually. All the guests will receive a link along with passwords one day before the wedding.

The wedding menu includes starters, main course (pabda fish, mutton, chicken, naan, pulao, and rice), and desserts, all delivered to their houses. 

Talking about the food arrangements, a Zomato official said: 

It was a very new idea for us. I talked to seniors in the company, who welcomed it. We have already prepared a team to monitor this wedding’s deliveries. We laud such a move in the pandemic. We are planning to promote this event officially. 

The couple will accept gifts through online shopping apps, while money can be sent through Google pay. 

Even though the West Bengal government has allowed 200 guests at weddings, the couple decided to go for a digital wedding. 

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