When the country is rife with communal tension, we always look for that one thread that binds diverse people together. This Ramadan has pulled Indians together in unexpected places, and it has filled our hearts with love and hope. We’ve compiled a list of all the heartwarming instances of people coming together for iftar this Ramadan, reflecting the real spirit of the holy month.

1. When Indian Railways surprised passengers on board the Shatabdi Express by serving iftar.

In a heart-winning episode, Shahnawaz Akhtar, a passenger onboard the Howrah-Ranchi Shatabdi Express, shared an incident when he was offered iftar to complete his lent.

2. When a Muslim man shared the story of his co-passenger offering him dates for iftar on a flight. 

A man was travelling from Guwahati to Mumbai and kept a bottle of water to finish his fast. He felt totally overwhelmed when his fellow passenger, a Jain woman, took a couple of dates out of her bag and offered him.

3. When a groom hosted an iftar party for his Muslim friends who couldn’t enjoy his wedding feast as they were fasting.

J Chandrashekar of Byrikatte married during Ramadan, and his friends in the community were unable to partake in the wedding feast. As a gesture of sharing his delight, he decided to arrange an Iftar party for his friends.

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4. When Hindu inmates of the Barabanki district prison observed rozas together with fellow Muslim prisoners. 

Fifteen Hindu inmates of the Barabanki district prison woke up at 3 a.m. every day for suhoor together with fellow Muslim prisoners, observed rozas, and ended their fasts with iftaar. 

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5. When a temple in Gujarat invited Muslims for the first time to offer Maghrib Namaaz and served them iftar.

About 100 Muslim residents were invited to the temple and were offered five to six types of fruits, dates, and sharbat for over. A Maulana sahib of the local mosque was also welcomed.

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