While some people believe in supernatural beings, others don’t. And if you belong to the former category, you are at the right place. If you have been planning to summon a spirit anytime soon, you might want to check what the other people, who actually had a conversation with ghosts, had to say.

Be a daredevil and scroll down, now.

Disclaimer: The following responses are all personal experiences of different individuals. Enjoy!

1. “When my beloved grandmother passed away 46 years ago, we went to her funeral and then to the cemetery. 3 nights later, I was in bed crying my eyes out, missing her so much. We lived out in the country with no streetlights and it was dark in that room. All of a sudden, the room lit up so bright that I could see it through my closed eyes. I looked towards the foot of my bed and there was my precious grandmother with one of the most beautiful smiles I’d ever seen. She said, “Don’t worry, honey. I don’t hurt anymore.” I still have goosebumps in my legs while writing this.”

2. “My mother passed away in 1994 and my daughter was born in 1996. One day, when my daughter was about 18 months old, she was playing on the floor. I was about 4 feet away in a chair, reading a book and occasionally glancing over at her. Suddenly, she stopped playing, looked up at me and said “I have a daughter. I have a granddaughter too.” And she went back to playing. I was startled by what she said. What an odd thing for an 18-month-old baby to say. And then, I knew that it was my mother letting me know that she knew about my daughter. I just knew. After that happened I read somewhere about very young children having an ability to communicate with spirits and that ability is lost by the time they are 4 or 5.”

3. “About six years ago, I moved into a new apartment in a building built in the 1990s. These were nice, luxury apartments that would defy any traditional cinema stereotype of a haunted building. On my first night sleeping there, before I had fallen asleep, I felt someone sit on my bed. But, nobody was there. Then a voice said, plain as day as if there was a living man in the room with me, “Hey can I ask you a question?” I said, “No, you’re scaring me.” The feeling of someone sitting on my bed left and I never heard a peep again. I lived there for over five years and there was never another paranormal experience.”

4. “Using an electronic ghost box, I have communicated with entities that have given me intelligent responses on several occasions. My most significant experience was at Sachs Bridge at Gettysburg when I spoke with an entity that said he was a captain from Ohio and he gave us a name that checked out as being an Ohio captain who died in Gettysburg.”

5. “I have an application on my iPad called Ghost Radar, which is like a Spirit Box used by paranormal investigators trying to verbally communicate with spirits. In the app, energy waves are picked up and translated into words. On my Ghost Radar, all the words captured are also listed. So, when you are done, you can go back and read the list of words spoken and captured. Shortly after my husband died from COVID, I was using my Ghost Radar to communicate with him. Generally, the Ghost Radar only communicates with one word at a time. Well, after I turned it on, the first thing I said was, “Dave, I miss you and love you. Do you know that?” I immediately heard a male voice respond, “Yes, I know”. Then, I continued asking questions and getting many meaningless one-word replies. When I was done, I went to the list of recorded words looking for that first response of ‘Yes, I know’. But, it was not there. That same day, while sitting down, I recorded a video of the room on my iPad while again speaking to Dave, asking him to show himself. While filming, I saw nothing. But, when I played back the video, I saw a large orb cross the screen from right to left.”

6. “When my roommate and I had our ghost experience, my roommate got the impression that the apparition told her his name was Ben Cox. Later, when I told my neighbour about our experiences, he said, “Oh, you met Lou”. I asked, “Who was Lou?” And, he proceeded to tell me that Lou was the second owner of the condo and he died from a massive heart attack in the master bedroom. He then said his name was “Lou Fox” which is awfully close to Ben Cox. We moved away right after that.”

7. “Immediately after my husband’s death, I had light bulbs die one after the other or I would find an item in an unusual place. But on this particular night, I was sound asleep and can clearly remember the dream I was woken from. I was woken by intense cold, teeth chattering cold in a centrally heated bedroom. So, my first instinct was to check my duvet, then I felt someone sit on my bed, the mattress depressed, fully awake I asked if it was him and right beside me came his voice, loud and clear “ Yes, just for a second”. With that, I sat bolt upright and the empty room came crashing in on me.”

8. “Yes through a phone application – emp electromagnetic pulse app. I had a friend with me and she spoke to her grandma and mum. I spoke to my friend Eddie. It was real.”

9. “I have only had one ghost talk to me when I worked at a hotel. I was checking the clean rooms so as a routine, I knock and announce myself, no matter if the room is empty or not. When I knocked on room number 141, no one answered, so I opened the door. But, as soon as I did, a lady said “No no, I’m okay. I don’t need anything.” I said okay and backed away from the door and shut it. After a bit, the attendant that cleaned the room said “What’s going on? No one is in that room. I just cleaned it.” When we went in again, NO ONE WAS IN THERE! The windows are locked from the inside and the room is clean like the attendant left it. The only thing left was a dime on the CLEAN MADE BED!

10. “I have a spirit who has come at me and blurted out a sentence or two loud. I’ve also had experiences with residual energies, hearing blood-curdling screams, seeing ghostly dead bodies or walking into a scene that was replaying itself. When it first started happening to me, I was shocked and confused. Now, I respond in conversation or tell them to shut up and go away. It depends on the context of the situation and what kind of energy it is.”

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