Do you love horror stories? Then, you are on the right page.

We all have had friends talking about a spooky experience they had in their college or about their campuses being haunted. And today, we stumbled upon some stories on the internet where people revealed spooky horror stories from their colleges that will make sure you don’t sleep peacefully ever again.

So, if you are looking forward to a sleepless night, read on.

1. “There is a story about my college. In the boys hostel, there is a room, which points toward the area of the trees. One could hear whistle sounds at around 3 to 4 am in that room. Everyone used to think that the hostel watchman was the one whistling. One night, the students residing in that room couldn’t sleep. They were watching a movie and poof! The power cut off. Since their room was hot, they opened their window. As usual, late at night around 3 am, the whistling started. The people in that room looked outside their window and they saw a man running inside the campus whistling. The next morning, he asked the watchman whether he was running inside the campus late at night or does he whistle at night. The watchman said that he never whistles or goes outside the hostel gate at night. However, there was an old watchman who used to roam inside the campus and whistle around. But, he died a decade ago.” 

2. “I was sitting on the terrace of our college, drinking and talking to a friend. After 3 am, I asked my friend if he was hearing things. At the same time, I was having a creepy feeling that I’m being watched. I turned around to face the entrance of the terrace to find nobody. I started getting extremely nervous. So, I bolted towards the terrace door. I told everything to the hostel watchman the next morning and he said that one of the night guards used to hear this laughing as well and he had quit the job, after a few nights.”

3. “In my first year, I and my friend were returning from the library at 3 am and were going to the hostel. I thought that I saw a man from the lateral view of my right eye, dressed in a blue shirt and black pant. However, I ignored it. After walking a few steps ahead, my friend asked me if I saw someone. He also described the same man, wearing the same attire. We turned back and there was nobody. Then, we both started walking as fast as we could and just a few steps later, we saw four dogs barking at the tree, without any reason. Now, we were literally scared and ran towards our hostel.”

4. “I heard of this story in my first year and here it goes. On our campus at IIT Kanpur, there is a major faculty building, which has an eerie feel to it. One fine day, a hopelessly depressed student, unable to cope with his failures on academic and other fronts, decides to end his life and chooses our faculty building as his stairway to heaven. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for him, the SIS guard was asleep and he easily slipped past him and reached the terrace. Just as he mustered the courage to climb the grill separating him from the free fall that was about to transpire, he heard a voice from behind. Apparently, it was a senior, who had been frequently visiting this place at night for solace. When the senior probed him regarding his misadventure, he blurted out his life’s story. The senior was visibly pissed but realised this kid’s agony and tried to calm him down. He used all the cliches relevant in such scenarios like, what about your parents? Your dreams? Your cowardice? Manliness?. An eternity and some expletives later, this junior realized his folly, vowed to turn his life around, thanked the senior, and retraced his steps. On his way out, he was stopped by the SIS guard, who had finally woken up from his slumber. When asked about the purpose of his visit, he narrated the event leaving the suicide bit but, mentioned the presence of a senior there. The guard was stunned at the revelation. He went upstairs to check along with this guy but there was no one to be found. They returned downstairs, the SIS guard went to an office and picked some photographs from a stash and showed them to this guy. One face resembled the senior this guy had just met and he pointed to it. On seeing the picture, the guard’s face lost all colour. He revealed that this was a photograph of a student who committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of the same building, a few years back.”

5. “This is a story that my seniors at NIT Silchar told me. Some years ago, a group of boys from the fourth year, raped a girl in their room (5149) and killed her. A series of unfortunate incidents followed, including a halt in the construction of a section in the back of the campus. It is believed that the girl’s blood-thirsty ghost roams the hostel on Amavasya in search of her murderers.”

6. “The one I remember from my time in NIT Durgapur is about the OMR (old matron’s room) in Hall 7. Back in the day, K (the senior who told me the story) and B had been allotted the OMR in their 2nd semester. The OMR comprised of 2 small rooms, one was the inner room where K and B had placed their beds, and the outer room with the bathroom attached where they had placed their cupboards, desks and chairs. One afternoon, when B was asleep in the inner room, she heard K calling her name repeatedly and asking her to open the door. B woke up and was about to rise from the bed when she realized that K was not in town. B panicked a bit but ignored the incident. A few weeks later, K and B were sleeping in the room when they heard knocking on the inner door in the night. K realized that they had locked the outer door which meant that no one could have possibly been knocking on the inner door. They both spent a very sleepless night.”

7. “This story was told by a professor while taking the ESC-102 in the Fall’08 at IIT Kanpur. I am paraphrasing his story here. He was returning late at night to his home alone on foot. He exited the academic area from the computer-centre gate and proceeded via the deserted path near the main auditorium. As he was walking on that road alone at 1-2 am, he saw a car in the distance coming towards him. The car was a white Maruti-800. He was quite astonished to see someone driving a car that late at night on that particular road as that road wasn’t well maintained, unlike other roads. But nevertheless, he kept on walking. As he reached within 50m of the car, he saw that the car was without a driver. And, the car started to accelerate and turned toward the professor to run over him. This professor started to run laterally (he left the road and ran towards nearby bushes) to avoid it. But, the car sped and went through him without hurting him and disappeared. Then, he said that it was the reason why he never works late and also never, NEVER, takes that road.”

8. “I have only just finished my first year at NIT Rourkela, and even though it isn’t known as widely for paranormal activity as some of the other NITs or IITs, the campus itself is known to have been built on a cremation site. I had my first taste of something paranormal the day I returned to my hostel after the winter break. I was allotted the GD Birla Hall in my first year. The rooms were quite spacious with each having two cupboards, two beds and two study desks. Each room had a vent above the door that could be locked and unlocked only from the inside. When I left my room, I properly locked my cupboard, put everything that didn’t fit elsewhere in my drawer, closed and bolted the vent from the inside, shut the windows and locked the front door. My roommate had already left a day ahead of me and was scheduled to arrive a day after me. I was one of the first students to arrive at the end of the winter break. When I reached my room (A-309), I found light filtering through a crack in the door. This was unusual because the door was still locked and so was the vent. I went in and found all the contents of my drawer thrown onto my bed. The drawer itself was sitting on my chair. The same had happened to my roommate’s drawer. I called him and confirmed that he was still in his hometown. My cupboard had been opened too, but it was the latch that had been uprooted, not the lock. This happened in quite a few of the rooms, though nothing was stolen. This was certainly not an act of burglary, since the front lock wasn’t broken in any of the rooms. I had some cash lying around in my cupboard too.”

9. “Several years ago, there was an Indian TV Show called Aahat. A scary-ass show, part of its shooting was done at the IIT Bombay Campus back then. During the shoots of one of the episodes, a crew member wandered off to the side of the lake. Now, the lake is famous for its crocodiles. The crew member was attacked by one. As he screamed, the project manager rushed to the spot but by then, the guy had already been half pulled inside, bleeding heavily. They decided to keep mum about this incident. However, after that day, in every frame of the shoot, they could see the crew member standing by the lakeside, at the exact spot he had been taken. No other episode was shot there then. Even today, no one takes a picture at that spot. Because if you do, you can still make out the shape of the crew member standing at the spot.” 

10. “In IIT Roorkee, there is a church on campus. The path behind the church is haunted and if you go there after midnight, you feel that someone is walking with you. There are no proper lights on that path, so nothing is clearly visible. Apparently, the Department of Earthquake Engineering is haunted by a lady in a white saree. If one goes there during dark hours, they can hear screams and laughs. The Rajendra Bhawan hostel is allotted to all first-year students. There are two rooms in one of the hostel wings which remain closed. Even though these rooms are closed, you can see lights going off and on, at times.”

Now, these college horror stories definitely sent shivers down our spine!