The world-famous midnight kiss isn’t the only reason New Year’s Eve may be romantic; there’s a lot more. Starting the year with your significant other opens a doorway to making countless memories that you will reminisce for years to come.

So, you’re saying that you’re falling out of ideas to make your evening special? Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

1. Go on a treasure hunt to find your midnight kiss. 

Write a list of clues and scatter them around the house. Pro tip: Include inside jokes personal to you both. Lead your partner to a special prize— do we need to say what that’s gonna be? Talk about an exhilarating New Year’s date night!

Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas
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2. Couples who cook together, stay together!

Take the last evening of the year to spend time with your partner in the kitchen…to cook. Share a candlelit dinner with your SO. Crack open the bottle of wine, start a roaring fire, and you’ll see where it leads!

Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas

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3. Go on a mini staycation. 

Getting away, whether it’s to another city or to a cosy hotel downtown for the night, may be one of the finest ways to spend a night ushering into the new year. Every time, quality time.

Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas
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4. Turn your space into a spa

Spa night can feel incredibly relaxing to destress from 2021 but it just doesn’t end there. Think of what a romantic ambience can a spa night create. Light a few scented candles, get all of the clichés in there! Pamper your sweetheart with all the romantic delights of a DIY spa.

Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas

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5. Have a walk down memory lane. 

Dinner at the same restaurant where you went on your first date, a walk past the bench where you had your first kiss, or simply flipping the pages of your photo albums are so many ways you can relive the days that made you smile. Is there a better day to reminisce about the good old days if not the New Year’s eve?

Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas
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6. Netflix and chill

Okay, frankly asking, can this one ever get old? It’s time to watch the movie or the show that’s been waiting in your 2021 watchlist. Turn on the fairy lights and keep two glasses of wine ready. Try to finish that show you started before your kiss at 12 am!

Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas

You’re welcome!

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