Blame it on the cheesy romcoms that Bollywood churns out year after year, most of us have a single idea of what romance is and what romantic gestures are. In reality, it is subjective. People express their love in myriad ways depending on their love language. It can be something as expressive as getting them a small gift or something as thoughtful as putting together a playlist.

Shah Rukh Khan

Getting a huge bouquet of flowers or having your partner do the Shah Rukh Khan arm stretch and call you in for a hug is, surely, romantic. But romance doesn’t really lie in OTT gestures. Sometimes it lies in those tiny moments and those small everyday acts of kindness. This Valentine’s Day let’s take a look at these 14 acts of kindness that goes beyond the typical filmy idea of romance.

1. Love also lies in just holding hands and caressing their thumb while you walk together with your hands intertwined.

holding hands

2. Waiting to watch a particular show because you had planned and promised each other that you would watch it together.

netflix and chill

3. Picking them up from work because they told you that they had a stressful day and then you let them pour their stress over their favourite dessert. Desserts are always a good option.

ice cream dates
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4. Showing them travel vlogs to picturesque places because you want to travel there with your partner one day.

travelling together

5. If you are an introvert, you know they love you when after a hectic day of socializing they let you have your space to recharge your social battery without taking it personally.


6. When you are eating something hot and you blow on it before offering them a spoonful so that they don’t end up burning their mouth.

blowing on hot food

7. When they get you something that you had mentioned months ago randomly in a conversation because believe it or not, you are always on their mind.

random acts of kindness

8. When they cook food for you. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant five-course meal, even gajar ka halwa would do the trick. Or even just giving them a plate of cut fruits.

gajar ka halwa
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9. When they know your restaurant order and get you exactly what you want.

romantic gestures

10. Sometimes love lies in saving the last slice of pizza for them.

romantic gesture

11. Other times love lies in sending them pics of cute animals cuddling together and saying, “Us.”

12. Saying goodbyes and still finding little excuses to hang around a little longer.

valentines day

13. When they ignore their buzzing phone when they are with you and pay full attention to the conversation you both are having.


14. Just asking them how was their day and hearing them share the mundane details of their day.


Love isn’t really complex. Love is all about the thought that goes behind your actions.