Imagine this – one fine day, you are scrolling through your beloved stash of porn and you suddenly spot a friend, or even worse, a family member in the video. Um, sounds a little uncomfortable, right? Well, today, we stumbled upon a thread where people revealed their first reaction when they found out that their friend or a family member is a pornstar.

Sounds interesting, right? Read on.

1. “My older sister. I found it out at my grad camp when someone came up to me and said “you are __’s sister”. Totally oblivious, I said, “no, my sister’s name is __.” The next morning, when I got home, I looked up the name and saw my sister’s tits staring back at me.”

– Awayymethrow

2. “I had a roommate who did porn. She told us about it herself and was very open about it. She was popular in a very niche kink but didn’t work enough to be able to support herself solely off of porn. Now, she has a masters in education and works as an elementary school teacher.”

– bittyitty

3. “I pretty much just ignored it when I found out that my older sister was in this industry. What was harder to ignore was her struggle with mental illness, which eventually claimed her life.”

– point50tracer

4. “Ok, why are you telling me this?”

– RaphaelSolo

5. “My mother is a porn star. It kind of tore our relationship apart. We were never close in the first place because she was a terrible mother but that pushed me over the edge to not want to talk to her anymore. I was 13 when I found out, by the way. I didn’t just find out, I saw. Things change in your mind when you see your mom’s anal fisting porn.”

– undergroundpolarbear

6. “My friend got into the porn industry because it’s much more lucrative than her degreed field (microbiology). I wasn’t surprised at all and just assured her that I had no issues or judgements about it.”

– xxplodingboy

7. “I woke up one day to a text sent from my cousin, M. Who sent me a pornhub link to another cousin, S. Apparently she has been doing it for a while and got another cousin involved in her sexual endeavours, T. So now, I have family members who do porn and took incest porn a little too literally.”

– forskin_curtains

8. “I was surprised and then went back to eating my bagel.”

– Accomplished_Cup_922

9. “It wasn’t surprising. A girl in my class ended up doing porn after high school. She was only in a few videos. However, this girl was very attractive. As far as I know now she’s an insurance agent and has 3 kids.”

– HooptyBiggums

10. “I was browsing and came across one of my housemates titled ‘Russian teen amateur’. First, she’s Mexican. Second, she’s like 28. Third, THAT’S MY FUCKING BED!”

– voice_of_craisin

11. “I found my flatmate on a porn site. The shoot of the video took place out on a hike somewhere. I absolutely shat myself when I realised it was her- I felt so yucky and guilty for seeing her like that. I immediately shut everything down and didn’t look at porn for ages afterwards.”

– Devojka_Iz_Svemira

12. “My ex-girlfriend is now a pornstar. She always wanted to make videos with me. I obliged the videos but refused to upload them anywhere. She’s insanely hot and instantly recognizable. Two months after we broke up, my friends pointed out that she was all over the front page of a porn website. She immediately jumped into porn and I’m sure my friends probably jerked it to her.”

– WhoDat_37

13. “A girl from my school did porn with some old man. It was fucking grim. Word went around town pretty quickly and that’s about it. However, no one talks about it anymore.”

– 7suffering7s

14. “My best friend does cam shows. We talk about it from time to time, she seems to enjoy it and she makes my monthly wage in 3 nights. I can only be happy and supportive.”

– Angry_Strawberries

15. “I stumbled on a movie that had someone I knew in it. I did cum to it, then felt awkward about it. We chatted privately about it and he told me that though he retired from porn, he didn’t feel ashamed of that chapter of his life. It stopped being awkward for me.”

– j0m1n1n

16. “I filed for divorce.”

– Anonymous

Oh, finding out that your known one is a pornstar can be really awkward!