Relationships require work and that’s a fact. However, things get a notch more difficult when there’s distance involved and couples are in a long-distance relationship. Things like distance, lesser communication, and insecurity crop up and these are the major reasons why a lot of long-distance relationships do not work out. But some people have made it work despite the difficulties.

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We asked people who are in a long distance how they make it work and every answer proves that if both the parties want to make it work, they absolutely can.

1. “Learn how to be independent and develop your hobbies so that you have something to do when they are busy.” – Indranil Roy

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2. “We schedule date nights once a week or a month, depending on availability.” – Krishna Chaubey

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3. “We make it work by talking every day without fail. Even if it is just for 10 minutes. Communication is important.” – Rujuta Thete

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4. “Regular communication and telling each other small details about the day no matter if they are good or bad works for us.” – Viren Bhuptani

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5. “Both of us aren’t fans of video calls so we have video calls maybe once or twice a week. We keep sending selfies or pics of random funny things so that we feel involved and are in the loop with each other’s life.” – Nikita Nikhil


6. “I moved to a different city because I got a new job. It worked for us because we had an end date when she would also move to that city. Now, we live together.” – Vishal Nair


7. “My boyfriend moved to the United Kingdom for his masters recently. We are trying to make it work by scheduling video calls. It’s not easy but we make sure the calls are scheduled in such a way that we both are available and just one person doesn’t have to compromise.” – Shivangi Roy

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8. “We both work remotely so we try to meet each other once in three months when we explore a new place. That way we have a vacation and we also get to be with each other.” – Khushali


9. “If my boyfriend says that he’s had a bad day at work, I send him his favourite food. We send each other small gifts from time to time. This is how we put in efforts.” – Ritu

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10. “Many times in an LDR, you feel vulnerable as you don’t get to see your loved one every day or feel or touch them. That time what comes as the shield is good communication. Speak out whatever you’re feeling. Make your partner understand what you’re going through and vice-versa. Keeping things inside your mind can ruin the relationship. So speak your heart out to your partner. That’s how you can make it work.” – Bornika Das


11. “We love watching films so we have movie dates once a week.” – Juli Mehta


All you need is to be consistent and have an open communication.