So, you’re at a stage in your relationship where you and your partner have finally decided to take a place together. That’s a big step, not gonna lie. Not scary at all. Okay, okay, my bad. Being scared by a random article you found is probably the last thing you want right now. 

So, let’s get to the next step, you’ve decided to live together. Now, you can either shift to your partner’s place or your partner can move to yours. But if either is not possible, and you’re thinking to take a place together, then I hope you are up for the challenge. Trust me, it’s not going to be easy because if there’s one thing Indian landlords dislike more than bachelors, it’s young couples planning to live together. 

1. Find areas that are safe for women

This is the most crucial thing you need to keep in mind. Guys can live in any area, it’s not an issue for them. You need to make sure that the area you are finalizing is safe for women. 

2. If you are going through a broker, ask them to be honest with the landlord

Ask your broker to be honest with the landlord about who would be living in the flat and in what capacity because you don’t want any issues later on. And trust me, these things can create a lot of issues.

3. Don’t live in apartments that have landlords living in the same building

This is why youngsters prefer highrises. When you live in an apartment where the landlords also live, there are a lot of unnecessary clatters. And who wants extra stress in life? So, it’s best to avoid such apartments and look for a independent house.

4. Ensure, that your prospective house doesn’t have cameras etc that you don’t know about

Safety always comes first. There will be cameras around the apartment and some places inside the apartment as well for security reasons, but always make sure you know about all the cameras for obvious reasons.

5. Check out the houses together and not individually

Women see things that men can’t even think of. Not saying it’s a general rule but it’s mostly true. So, make it a point to always visit the houses together. This will also ensure that everyone’s requirements for the flat is also getting fulfilled, at least most of them. 

6. Ensure the neighbourhood is cool as well

Your landlords might be chill with live-in couples but if your neighbours aren’t, it’ll be a whole hell house to live there. So, also check that the neighbourhood is cool as well. You can do that by seeing whether there are other couples in the neighbourhood or not and whether young people live there or if the population consists of mainly older people.

7. If you have a pet or a child, be sure to ask first before you even begin negotiating

Some places don’t allow for pets, don’t ask me the reason because I don’t get it either. See if your landlord and neighbours are pet friendly or not. Also, if you have a child, make sure that the area is kid-friendly.

8. Visit the society at night to ensure the place is actually safe

Areas seem safe in the daylight, but since safety is non-negotiable, also visit the areas you’re interested in at night to see if the place is actually safe or not.

9. Find out the average rent of buildings in the locality to ensure the landlord isn’t looting you

When you are ‘bachelors’ looking for a place with your ‘live-in partner’, you automatically shift to the ‘needy’ category, and people don’t leave any chance to take advantage of those in need. So, inquire about the average prevalent rent in the locality to ensure that your prospective landlord is not looting you.

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