Whenever I see someone be the third wheel in a relationship, it always gives me second-hand embarrassment. No matter how close you are to the couple, it is always an awkward situation.

On this Reddit thread, people reveal some of their most awkward and embarrassing third wheel experiences and it’s making me cringe. 

1. “Long story short, I was the third wheel on my own honeymoon. My engagement got called off, but we had already booked the honeymoon, so my brother and his fiance came with me instead. They wouldn’t even let us switch our hotel room to the one with two beds. Slightly awkward.”

– odin89

2. “I went to Disney World with two couples so technically I was the fifth wheel. Worst week of my life.”

– sneakersotoole

3. “While in college, I attended an out-of-town concert with several friends. We had about 7 of us in one hotel with two queen beds. My buddy hooked up at the show and brought her back to our room. When we all went to sleep, I was in a bed next to her and he was on the other side. I fell asleep to them making out.”

– DerpyMcD

4. “Girl and I were flirting a lot, talking about getting together but it never fit our schedule. Finally, something works out to meet her at an event. I brought my buddy. They hook up, close to the beginning of the night.

I became the third wheel. And had to wait for him to be ready to leave, as he said he’d drive, so I could have a few drinks with her at the event.”

–  tylerpoppe

5. “When I was in high school, I was the only one in my group of friends who had a car. They would get me to drive around everywhere for everything…Two of my friends once had sex in the backseat of my car on the interstate while I drove. I will never forget the look on people’s faces as they passed us.”

– RadiologisttPepper

6. “Once at a college party a couple started making out on top of me. It wasn’t crazy so much, as incredibly awkward.”

– daynewmah

7. “My cousin came and picked me up one night after I had been drinking. She had her friend with her and two boys. We drove around for a bit, while I was drunk. Her friend and one of the boys made out in the backseat with me there. I awkwardly offered to tell them jokes.”

– WhyNona

8. “My friend and her girlfriend took me out for my birthday. Turned into a date for those two while I tagged along to dinner at a place I didn’t like, to a movie I didn’t want to see. Worst birthday ever.”

–  jennym123

9. “I have been the third wheel a couple of times, but the most awkward moment happened between my parents. My parents and I were sitting on my bed (I was quite young at the time) when they started kissing. They were making out on my bed, while I was on it. They moved to their bedroom, and all I can hope to keep my sanity, is that nothing happened.”

– Anonymous

10. “When I was a teenager my friend convinced me to go on a double date with him. He’d met a girl and basically, she was going to bring a friend and so was he. Well, she didn’t bring a friend, so cue me sitting awkwardly through Corpse Bride with two people on a date.”

–  comradenewelski

11. “I had a friend call me up one weekend in middle school, and asked if I wanted to go to the mall with her. I said yes, and we ended up getting dropped off by her mom. Well, turned out she only invited me because she was planning on meeting her boyfriend there and her mom didn’t want her to be alone with him. I got an orange smoothie while they sucked face on a bench for an hour. I separated them long enough to tell her that I wanted to go home and so we called her mom. The next time she called to ‘hang out’, I asked her if I was going to be the odd one out again.”

– Nyuunie

12. “My craziest third wheel experience was with my boyfriend and his best friend. They were both super into a band, so for my boyfriend’s birthday, I got three tickets so he could take me and his best friend. We met up with his best friend at BF’s place. Things went downhill from there. They held hands, shared inside jokes, sang to each other and my boyfriend paid for his best friend’s dinner, but I had to buy my own. Then, when we got to the concert, they kept sending me to the bar to get drinks, talked only to each other, and almost left me behind when I went to the bathroom before we left.”

– SalemScout

13. “So back in college, I was the designated driver at a party and got to witness an incredible fight as a third wheel. It was me, my girlfriend, the couple and our mutual friend between them. The couple fought every time they drank and this was no exception. They’re doing their usual thing while our mutual friend is in the slightly awkward position of literally being in the middle of it all. He’s trying his best to resolve whatever they are arguing about, while my girlfriend and I exchanged awkward glances.”

–  tenderbranson301

14. “My friend would always beg me to go along with her and her boyfriend on dates. It would be just the three of us and it was painfully awkward, but if I said no she would cry and whine until I agreed.”

– Anonymous

Well, let’s hope none of us ever get caught in this situation again.