I think we can all safely agree that the internet is the breeding ground for a ton of really strange, awful stuff, and most of the conversations happening on it are not that great in nature. However, there are parts of the internet that are still fascinating. Like these websites that have solutions to the most basic problems, and entertainment like you have never experienced before. A person named Amy Pechacek made a list of 20 such websites, here we look at some of them.

1. This would sort out so much of the office work.

2. How is this even real?

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3. Crazy.

4. This really has everything.

5. It seems like a Paris kind of a day.

6. Can tell you stuff about “math, science and life”. I mean, what else do you want?!

7. Again, how is this real?!

8. In case your window view does not feel that amazing anymore.

9. Personally, very interested in this one.

10. For sentimental people with fragile hearts (me).

You can check out the complete list of 20 websites on Amy’s tweet, here.

Meanwhile, this is how people reacted to her wonderful finds.

Good stuff!