People who’ve been victims of the Indian education system, know that there’s nothing scarier than choosing a subject after class 10th. It’s like choosing what to get beaten with. Spoiler alert: everything hurts the same. There’s medical, non-medical and (like we’re told) others. Also, this choice decides the future conversations during family dinners, and the number of taunts directed towards you.


A Twitter user shared an image of street name signs pointing towards three different directions – IIT, AIIMS and the ‘unknown’. As poetic as it seems, this is the bitter truth of what our education system deems a ‘successful’ career. Getting through science and the rigorous coaching isn’t enough, you also gotta deal with the hustle culture and get into the top colleges, with limited seats. 

For the unversed, choosing Science means you’re set for life and any other choice means that you brought disgrace to the family (it’s not directly mentioned, though). Sadly, not surprisingly it doesn’t end here — because “abhi padh lo, phir toh aish hi hai” is a bigger scam than cotton candy. 

And this tweet clearly hit home.

Hurts, doesn’t it?