Disclaimer: Those who have BFFs and good friends might be hurt with this.
What’s the first step you take while being friends with someone? Do you check their bank balance or just the fact that the person oozes out great vibes around you and understands you really well? Well, all of you will surely agree to the second half, right? However, duniya mein aise praani bhi hain jinke liye “income, fitness, aur influence” matter the most. Not just for themselves, but these three things are the “key criteria” that they boast about to evaluate their friendships. Gawd! Save me.


Well, shit like this, while common on LinkedIn, is rarely visible on Twitter. But courtesy of @__mihir claims, we got a peek into possibly the most narcissistic take on friendship on the bird app. 

And…and…and Twitter janta is getting furious and slamming the user. Here’s how:


I just finished my performance review with Mihir. Sad to say I’m being let go.


People who post shit like this don’t have 5 meaningful relations in their life. 


So how does this work? Your buddy calls you who you ve known for years and he s like lets go grab a beer. But he did not make the cut last Q.. What do you tell him sorry you dont make enough money? Call me again when you earn more then me? If anybody does this IRL stop dude…


Many netizens also shared their versions of criteria for being friends with people:

Well, after a bit of taking hits on the chin from everyone and their mother on Twitter, Mihir has claimed that his tweet was an attempt at shitposting and that people should understand a joke when they encounter it. Well, we apologise Mihir, but tell better jokes, man! Seriously! In our defence, you do fit the profile of a CEO mindset, ‘2nd standard se IIT ka prepare kar raha hoon‘ types. So you know, not really our problem. 

Well, either the joke got an ovation or boos doesn’t really matter. The tweet already banged!