If there is one reality show on Indian television that manages to give you just the right dose of entertainment, drama, and romance, it is Bigg Boss. The latest Bigg Boss 16 is no exception. Since Day 1, the show has entertained us and has us glued to our television screens.

Bigg Boss 16

Almost two months into the show, we saw the ‘Golden Guys’ – Sunny Nanasaheb Waghchoure and Sanjay Gujjar – as wild card entries in the Bigg Boss 16 house to challenge the housemates. The Golden Guys gave us some respite from the incessant kitchen and ration fights, phew! Now that the Golden Guys are gone, we thought about which wildcard entry we would like to see in the house next.

Wildcard Bigg Boss 16

We compiled a list of nine celebs who we think can stir and add some spice to the game with their entry as a wild card. Read on.

1. Srushti Tawade

Remember that girl who rapped the viral ‘Chill Kinda Guy‘? Rapper Srushti Tawade can be MC Stan’s ally or his biggest competitor if she enters the Bigg Boss 16 house as a wildcard contestant. Like MC Stan, Tawade has gone viral on social media for her raging raps with unafraid lyrics. It would be interesting to see the dynamics between the two desi rappers.


2. Shivam Sharma

Shivam was seen in Splitsvilla 13 and very recently in Lock Upp. In Lock Upp, we saw him being extremely active at night pulling all sorts of pranks on the sleeping contestants. His entry in Bigg Boss 16 can change the love equations of the game. He is known for his lover-boy image but at the same time, this 29-year-old Delhi man is also known for pulling out all stops to change the game in his favour. That makes him the perfect candidate for a wildcard entry.


3. Shweta Kawatra

Who can forget the rivalry Pallavi and Parvati shared in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii? Shweta Kawatra played one of the first vamps on Indian television. She has a strong personality and the potential to add some masala to the house and emerge as a strong contender.


4. Anushka Sen

The 20-year-old actor became a household name with her amazing performance in Baal Veer, Jhansi Ki Rani, and Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. She can be a great addition as a wildcard contestant to Sumbul Touqeer Khan because both fall in the same group. If things go south, she can bring out Sumbul’s real personality.


5. Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma never shies away from expressing her opinion. Earlier she was seen as a wildcard entry in the Karan Johar-led Bigg Boss OTT. She elevated the game with her presence in just a single day. Her entry in Bigg Boss 16 can up the entertainment quotient.


6. Nakuul Mehta

Nakuul Mehta is immensely popular on Indian television. He became a household name with his role as Ram Kapoor in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2. The blue-eyed actor is articulate and his interviews reflect his wise persona. He would stand out in the drama of the Bigg Boss 16 house but sometimes we do need a voice of reason amidst the chaos.


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7. Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma’s social media gives us a glimpse into the fun side of the actor. With her entry as a wildcard contestant, we can expect a lot of fun-filled candid moments where the housemates can loosen up for a change.


8. Mohit Malik

Mohit Malik does not shy away when it comes to voicing his opinions, even if they lead to ugly spats. Bigg Boss 16 needs contestants who can bring up some real muddas, and stir the pot in the house.


9. Asim Riaz

Asim Riaz created quite a storm when he was a part of Bigg Boss 13. He did not emerge as the winner but he stood strong amidst the chaos and won everyone’s heart. His entry can make an impact on the current game plans of the contestants.


Tell us which celebs you wish to see as wildcard entries in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

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